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  1. @anon2 thank you! It's not bad and works for my pipeline. There is only one thing that is not very pleasant: alpha channel packs separately only in TGA (I mean the algorithm when you can open saved file in Photoshop and see alpha in the stack of channel without been hidden in Transparency). So I need to convert this TGA to TIFF via other soft each time cause it's very import for the resource compiler of the engine I work with. But you are right, it can be saved with alpha and without damage for the main channels now. And now it makes sense to at least start working with Affinity. So thank you again.
  2. Yes, the discussions on this forum are conducted in a truly strange way
  3. Better unregister on this forum at all and uninstall OS. Do it really in an adult way
  4. It is obvious that the people who are trying to challenge the essence of the problem, in fact, are not even familiar with the pipeline of the gaming and media industry. It is not clear why they even try to answer then. First, it would be worth understanding that there are artists in this world whose life is inextricably linked with certain technical requirements. The result of our work is a complex multi-layered material, where the information in each channel is stored. Stored even in the alpha channel, and not destroyed. And when editing channels, the user does not have any questions about editing them. If you select a channel, you can edit it. If you select another one, you edit another one. And that's it! Don't need some space lessons on image programming using C++. At the end, the entire RGBA is packed in any format that the alpha channel supports. When opening this file, the user should see the information in all channels as it was before closing. Including the alpha channel. And the alpha channel should not cut out information from other channels leaving white pixels. The materials needed for every pixel. That's right, every pixel is important without exceptions. All the information is needed to be read by game/3D engine or other CG software. That's why we need all the information in the file. This is not a wedding photo. What else could be unclear?
  5. ashf, but still useless tiff files for gamedev. It still turns pixels in white under alpha mask. In games alpha channels are used for different material information, not only for alpha clipping/cutting. And so this soft now is useless for the whole game industry. I shared this information with you just in case you don't know. Such is the problem
  6. Yes, roger rosa, the problem is described correctly. So, bug fixes and new features are cool. But there are also those who can not use these features at all. And that's the whole gaming industry. This is sad, but personally I will continue to follow the news and updates from the developers. Perhaps one day we will be able to put this program on a par with Substance Painter and Substance Designer. In the meantime, Affinity looks like a missing link in the pipeline.
  7. Not “just one”, but “just one to expand the community”. Understand? Just one to allow a bunch of people even to star work with the product. Just one that will bring new money for development not at the expense of discounts. That shows why you're still writing. As if you want to overcome someone without delving into the essence of his Message. How nice it is to accuse someone of negativity and try to heroically put it in its place, taking the words out of context. If this is not the case, then do not write. I described my problem to be heard, not to be silenced. And I haven't seen a positive response from the developers yet. If I missed it somewhere, please share the link with me. I'm ready to wait my turn in peace. But in the meantime, I have to ask to let me and other artists into this queue officially. And please don’t imagine how I demand freedom for artists with a machine gun and a can of gasoline. If you communicated with me looking me in the eye, then you would not have any doubts about my adequacy. Happy photoshopping, bro.
  8. All developers has a lifetime of dealing with "various bug fixes, feature requests, or other improvements". It will be infinite. Until the support is stopped. Just one feature to expand the community. Is that too much to ask? Or should we wait for the moment when developers will have nothing to do and they will get bored in the workplace? It was just a reminder that there are those who are interested in the program. And your analogy only works if the work on the alphas is written in the roadmap. Is this in the official plans? Or is my son not planning on wearing a green shirt at all? (Probably because he doesn't like green, I don't know)
  9. Nice news! There are a 90-day free trial and 50% discount. But this means nothing for people making games. Even if there is 90% off this is useless cause of one reason: ALPHA CHANNEL. Just one feature and Affinity can have a huge community of indie game devs (and this is not counting different companies from game industry). Many of them ready to buy AP for full price cause it's not expensive and has a perpetual licence. Oh my God, stop slowing down, just one function. Why resist being friends with game artists so much?
  10. Yes, charliechap, and there are a huge amount of indie game devs (really huge), who can easily prefer Affinity, cause it's much more cheaper for people working alone. They could easily go from photoshop to affinity. With great pleasure. But there is no any gamedev without storing alphas in textures. And this is the only serious request now...
  11. Devs, please note: without possibility to edit and save (for example in TIFF) texture with alpha channel you close Affinity for a huge amount of people from the game industry. Just one fundamental thing ruins everything. Even I can't buy program just because of this.
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