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  1. I seem to have encountered this problem before. Here is an idea to try; Is anyone paying attention to the brush? It's also a bug a few years ago and hasn't been repaired
  2. Try whether the brush you bought is easy to use. If the brush function of the new affinity photo cannot meet the needs of painting, please see this post. If everyone has the same needs for brushes, please support the official to fix this bug as soon as possible
  3. 使用最普通的笔刷,这个是最基本的功能了;你看下我在测试版的帖子,官方说是记录下来了; 最根本的问题就是“累积”应该是控制透明度变化的,现在的“累积”的功效是错误的
  4. 在最新的测试版中,画笔中的“累 In the latest beta version, the "accumulation" function in the brush is still not repaired, resulting in the inability of the brush to draw smooth strokes and the lack of smooth transparency gradient of strokes. They are ghosting formed by the aggregation of traffic. I hope to solve it. Look at your photo in version 1.8.5. That version is normal. In version 1.8.5, the strokes drawn by the correct brush should be like this! Please see and pay attention to this huge defect! Please reply to the specific plan for repairing the brush function. The current brush is good for nothing
  5. The function of "accumulation" in the new version is wrong and can't draw smooth strokes! Can you understand the questions in the forum? Ask developers to pay attention to this problem! This is a terrible problem! Why is the old version normal, while the new version has such a low-level problem! Affinity don't make such a low-level mistake.
  6. I hope the next version of the brush can return to normal. Affinity is a good software. Many painters have been discouraged because of the brush problem, which is really bad; There are also many people who are still using the 1.85 version of affinity photo because of the brush, so they can't use the latest version of the application; Can the official give a clear reply?
  7. Thank you for your attention to this topic; This issue is put forward in detail in the Forum; This is a big problem. The brush of version 1.85 is reasonable. The brush of the updated version is very unfriendly to painters; In fact, the problem is obvious, that is, there is a functional error in the "accumulation" in the brush setting; The "accumulation" in version 1.85 controls transparency, and the updated "accumulation" has the same function as "flow"; So now the brush is too bad to use
  8. 现在绘画决定用开源软件krita了,affinity团队开发效率太慢了;以后可能是开源的未来,blender开发也是特别快
  9. 比如对子级的图片进行图章,修图的工作内容的时候,会发生软件不稳定,闪退!BUG
  10. 在保证矢量线条的整体结构情况下,可以智能减少没有必要的节点,希望能够新增
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