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  1. I'm running Affinity Designer 1.5.5 on a Macbook OSX 10.12.6. My character and paragraph popup menus no longer work. Not sure when this started, but it is probably within the last month. I have a document with a text frame full of text. I select the frame text tool and go into the text box, and select all the text in it. Then I click on "Character" tab at upper right on bottom edge of ribbon at top of screen. Nothing happens. Same with the Paragraph tab. My paragraph is indented and I want to remove the indent, but I can't see how to do it with the character pop-up missing. I restarted my computer to see if that would make a difference, but it did not.
  2. I have a pdf file generated by an R program I wrote, which contains a plot that has line segments of a certain width. I import the pdf to Affinity Designer. The import is mostly ok, but the line segments (which seem to be the correct width) are shifted right by a slight amount. I then select all and Group, copy, then paste it into a different Affinity Designer document. It pastes small, about 2"x2" on a document that is a regular 8.5x11 page size (although the pdf page size specified in R was 11x11). So, I drag to size it larger. This mostly works, but the line segments seem to retain their original stroke width instead of also resizing, and are way too narrow. Page 1 of attached pdf is what is imported. Affinity Designer version is 1.4.1 consistentGenesInBins.pdf
  3. I imported an eps file and every text string was broken up into a separate text box for each individual character of the text string. It would be nice if there were an eps import option to tell it to not break it apart but keep the text together in a single text box. Maybe this is a problem because maybe the eps file has the text as individual characters and so you don't know what text belongs together as one text box??? ted
  4. I experience incorrect import of pdf files fairly often with Affinity Designer 1.3.5. Is this something you would like me to report? Is there a bug reporting site or where should I post such problems? Ted
  5. I searched for the word "pdf" in the bug forum and no results were found. I used the advance search tool to search specifically in the title for "pdf" and still no results were found. I then searched for "import", and among the results found were one result whose title was "PDF import".
  6. The attached pdf file with one page in it imports incorrectly into Affinity Designer 1.2.1. The vertically-oriented text labels are positioned incorrectly. test.pdf

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