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  1. Hey i want to transfer text on top and button I want text go with opposite origin instead of the usual one to explain what i mean: I want this because i want to make next logo with using one one duplicated circle curve (i talk about top and button texts. Like one from inside and one from outside of the circle curve) What happen is that on RTL hebrew language the text goes opposite. So this is how it's look when i duplicate 2 circles, on top perfect on buttom i want the same text but from top origin. and this what happen: The origin is from the button of the t
  2. Nope, nothing help. Looks like the whole snapping / guides go wrong. Any way to reset everything without uninstall?
  3. Hey guys i try to align but the line go not horizontally. I guess it's start when i used ISOMETRIC feature don't know how to reset it. Thanks for help!
  4. Hey i have several packs of brushes i bought on AFFINITY as my private brushes. i want make them all in one folder for easier usability any option for that?
  5. Hey i have a shape and i have many point and duplicates. Does the software have option to make less lines/points but keep the same shapes automaticlly / any suggestions or solutions? Example:
  6. hey, affinity designer shape become blank when i use frame text tool. What if i want the text to be around red circle from inside/outside without loose it color?
  7. Hey guys. I wanted to know if there any way to drag both points at negative side? like mirroring. What i mean: Original: I drag 1 point: I want both point go the same amount of pixels in different directions for example: Is this possible?
  8. Hey so this is my problem: when any layer go away from the artboard i can't see it. As i remember from Illustrator i can see the object but maybe not export it once not on the artboard. Any solution for that?
  9. Hey i am new to learn the affinity software. I make mask for layer but i don't know how to see what areas are adjusted with my layer mask like Black/White/Grey to mask things out? I don't know the exact name of the feature
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