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  1. It would be nice if 1) It was possible to cancel a running batch without having to force quit the app 2) It was possible to save a batch set up. (I have something like 1500 scanned photos organized in maybe 100 folders and I want to create lo res proxies that are stored in a sub-folder in each of the folders. I have to set up a batch from scratch each time rather than just changing the selection of files and the target folder for the proxies.) 3) There was a small progress bar indicating the progress of the batch rather than having to scroll down through the list of processing files. 4) One could select more than one file at a time to remove from the batch list. Now if I inadvertently add a bunch of files to the list twice I need to select each one separately to remove it from the list. Another solution would be to gray out files that have already been added to the bacth list so that I don't get confused and add them twice. It would also be nice if the actual step parameters were displayed in editing a macro. Also I noticed at one point the memory efficiency displayed in the Info was -2147483648%, and I'm not sure how to interpret that figure.
  2. I would be nice if editing a macro showed the actual parameters of a step rather than just the category and would let you change a parameter. For example a resize would show how much it was being resized and whether it was resampling, etc. Thanks.
  3. I ran a batch that converted all the images to .jpg and resized them all to 240 high while preserving the aspect ratio. Now my problem is that the images are 1200 dpi and I need to use them in a data base which now sees them as so small as to be unrecognizable. I need to change the dpi to 72. I have tried several times running a batch with a macro which resets the dpi without resampling the image, but it seems to alter the aspect ratio of the some of the images for reasons I cannot fathom. I admit to be very confused by all this, but surely a macro to reset dpi without resampling should not alter the image aspect ratio.
  4. Thank you! I had seen the H & W boxes but had no idea how they worked. It would be nice if the documentation were a little more detailed.
  5. I have 469 large .psd images for which I want to make low resolution .jpg files. I have tried twice and each time some of the images end up being squeezed or stretched. The original images vary in size and aspect ratio. Some are portrait, some are landscape. What I have tried to do is set a macro to so that the width of any height of any image is reduced to 240 pixels with the Height and Width locked. This only seems to work properly on images having the same H:W ratio as the one open when I record the macro. Is there any solution to this in Affinity? I am fairly certain I did this numerous times in Photoshop before I switched to Affinity. I am running Affinity 1.8.6 on Mac OS 11.0.1. Thanks
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