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  1. totally agree with @postmadesign regarding the pencil tool !!! some ideas how it should work - symmetry - look at the mirror me plugin by astute graphics and - for the pencil - have a look at the Dynamic Sketch Tool by astute graphics - it would save sooo much time
  2. Exactly @JimGoshorn. You can also define the tolerance of it. It would be a great feature!
  3. I really love Affinity Designer for coloring and texturing. Just great. Where I still have problems is the pencil tool (or the brush tool) - I never use the pen for drawing shapes but do it "freehand" - and coming from Illustrator I miss the option "Edit selected Path". It is useful to "correct" your path, or parts of the path, while drawing (you do not have to edit every single anchor) ... It allows a more intuitive and fast shaping. I hope you know what I mean and the path shoud close automatically when you come near to your starting point.
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