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  1. Sorry, no time to search for the cause of this error (but this is a job for Microsoft programmers). I returned to Windows 10. The problem went away. Thank you all for your participation. Excuse my English, it is not my native language. PS. Utility from X-Rite Monitor Display Profile incorrectly determined the active monitor profile on Windows 11, perhaps the AffinityPhoto got confused in the same way...
  2. The perception of the image is subjective.But! The display on the monitor must obey strictly defined rules. These rules are the essence of the color management system. This is an important and fundamental issue!
  3. I checked at what shift of the gamma the images match, then went back to the beginning in history. The file was in sRGB and was not changed. This is a bug in the system, the applications work well. I am a professional photo printer and therefore always pay special attention to color conversions. Thank you all for participating. Thank you. PS. The shift is at 0.15, but this is visual. Both applications behave correctly. Color management systems are different, but everything works correctly.
  4. Thank you for your attention to this topic. At the moment, the result is this: both applications work correctly, they do everything correctly. An error in the operation of the windows 11 system, possibly in a combination of the computer and system configuration. When working with the monitor profile, an error occurs. I draw your attention - this is exactly an error. I don’t know what to do. ... On another computer with windows 10, everything works correctly.
  5. Sorry, I'll be brief. Why is an image opened in Photoshop darker than an image opened in Affinity. I'm a little shocked. I think a lot of people are working on two programs and have come across this. Or not? Thanks.
  6. Are there any plans to improve the Curves tool? Very much inhibits the transition to Affinity.
  7. When I edit a layer mask with adjustment layers or live filters, can I see the state of the mask in real time?
  8. The Curves tool (and this is one of the main tools) is very uninformative. I would like to have: -information about the brightness of the channel under the cursor displayed on the curve and in the information field (as in similar applications); - cut-off in the channel (as in Threshold); -black / white / gray tool. thanks
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