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  1. Can any one tell me does your Affinity account provide a 2 factor authentication to secure your app purchases in your Affinity Account?
  2. Can any one please let me know once I have finish tracing my image in Affinity Designer, can I apply pre defined color combinations from the color panel for my image like in Ai? Please refer attached example of the same in Ai
  3. Many thanks for your responses regards to the subject of "How to find out how many layers you have" there were interesting thoughts and ideas put forward by many of you who responded, now its up to the developers to give us a overview of this.
  4. Since my files have lots of layers, I was wondering if there is a way to find out how many layers does my file consist of with out counting layers one by one ? Appreciate your assistance very much in this regards.
  5. Hi @Callum many thanks for your assistance regards to my question, I shall surely try out this method. Thank you @PÅ¡enda for your link on possibly other topics.
  6. Hi can anyone please let me know the steps in creating a vector custom brush from an image in Affinity Designer? Please note the image i want to create the custom vector brush is attached herewith. Appreciate your support and assistance in this regards.
  7. Very nicely done..its rich in detail, i love it !
  8. Hi Gary, many thanks for your reply and detailed video. This works fine for me now. Thanks again Gary!
  9. Switching from Ai to AD I work with color, if I want to quickly paste the Hex Color Code which i have saved in my past projects to a current project that i am doing, this is not possible to be entered directly in Color or Swatches mode since the Hex Color Code field is not available in these panes. Refer image attached for ideal placement of Hex# field. It will be ideal just to have the Hex Color Code field present in Color and Swatches panes with out going through a long distance to get to it via Panes->Sliders -> RGB -> RGB Hex Hope this will be updated in the next
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