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  1. Thank you Dan C. for the group message to the 14 of us who had posted about the 1.9 updates crashing on launch. I personally only had problems with Affinity Photo 1.9. I went through all the suggestions in your list and didn't have much luck. The driver is up-to-date (I wasn't surprised since this is a new computer - only 3 months old). I couldn't find anything else relevant to my problem. But somewhere it mentioned to make sure I had the latest Windows update. So tried that thinking I did have the latest since I get automatic updates. But there was one available so I asked for that one to be installed. It took almost an hour and a half but when It was done I had Windows Version 20H2. I've always had versions numbered like 1909 so this looks new to me. Anyway when I logged into my computer I tried starting Photo 1.9 and it started up but while it got further into the start up it wasn't acting quite right. I exited the program and immediately launched it again. The second time it seemed to be working right! I loaded a couple old projects I had completed and they seemed right. I guess it is too early to say for sure but I think that solved MY problem and may solve others. I really appreciate all the work you did, Dan, to find all those relevant links. They scared me because I'm not very tech-savvy when it comes to the inner-workings of the computer. But the instructions were so well written even I could follow them. So thanks again, Frank
  2. I have played a little bit more with Publisher since I posted above and seem to be having problems with that too. I'll have to work on all three personas for awhile to know better what I'm dealing with (not that I ever really know what I'm doing!) I just tried opening a project I completed yesterday and while I opens it doesn't open right, doesn't have all the pictures etc. that I put in the project yesterday (the 1.8 version of the program.) I sure hope all that work isn't gone! And none of the three programs have asked me for the product keys.
  3. I am also having a problem with the new Photo 1.9. It crashes when I try to close the Welcome screen or even try to use one of its tutorials. I can't get out of the Welcome screen without it crashing. Both Publisher and Designer seem to be fine however. I do have one problem with registering the Publisher update.
  4. Thank you, Alfred, for the help. That makes sense considering I keep running into the problem.
  5. I'm trying to do the tutorial for Section 3 “Fashionista Lookbooks” (p. 266) from the new Publisher Workbook. I’ve downloaded the resources for “Section 3 Fashionista Lookbooks” from the listed link “https://affin.co/Fashionista”. The unzipped folder contains the following files (screenshot below). On p. 274 of the Workbook it asks me to add images to the picture frames by using File>Place. The resource listed at the top of p. 272 is given as “Jonvan - Lookbook.aftemplate” and I think it is the page layout with empty picture frames (the second one above in the screenshot). I can’t find resources for the images shown in the book. This has happened to me in earlier projects (unable to find the images shown in the book.) So I’m obviously missing something. I would expect to find an images file. I’ve tried all five files in the screen shot and they’re all layouts with empty frames. Sorry to seem so dim but something about downloading the resources from Affinity is escaping me. HELP!
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