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  1. Hi everyone, I have concentric circles in images from the Aurora Borealis that are caused by a UV filter on the lens. I thought the FFT denoise filter might help to remove it but I can't make that work. Any suggestions? JP
  2. Hi, I have a request for a tip to fix bags under the eyes in a photo. It's a fairly typical problem, dark areas under someone's eyes from fatigue, and i'm finding it surprisingly difficult to fix! Any tips would be greatly appreciated! Thanks Jan-Peter
  3. MBd - great advice :-) I was asking because on Photography Life the reviewer commented that Adobe apps don't run much faster on a Mac Pro because they are not written to take advantage of the machine's specific design; and it sounds like the same is true for Photo. Cool, saves me the extra money!
  4. Hi I'm looking to buy a new Mac and am wondering if there will be a major performance difference between an iMac and the Mac Pro. I am leaning towards the latter so I can get a monitor that calibrates better for printing (both at home and through a lab) but as the Pro with monitor is a lot more expensive I wonder if it is worth it! Thanks for any tips. Jan-Peter
  5. These are brilliant. One quick suggestion: publish the key steps in addition to the video; it would make it much easier to remember the tips. For example, on the selective sharpening: create a new live layer with a high pass filter, check monochrome, set blend mode to linear light invert the layer paint in the adjustment using the paint brush set to white Otherwise, keep adding to these tutorials as they really encourage me to use and enjoy Photo!
  6. Hi, I'm having trouble using Liquify, using a Mac trackpad. I can only seem to get very small changes in the mesh, no matter what size brush, what speed, and which tool I use. Everything else works really well so I am sure I'm just doing something wrong...help! Thanks Jan-Peter
  7. Does the same restriction apply after developing the image? When I rotate the image, it is cropped. That really does limit the usefulness of the software which is a pity as I like using it!
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