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  1. Hallo, I am seeking help with how to convert/make a large (almost A0-sized) vector line graphic into a PDF file that contains the image spread over individual tiled pages (either A4 or Letter). The file needs to be sent to a person who has limited printing abilities/option and has had no success printing with Adobe Reader using their automatic 'Tile all pages' feature (and they don't have graphics software to use). Hence I am trying to help them by providing the PDF document with the tiling already done. I thought I had found a tutorial on this topic last year, by chance, but I
  2. Yes! The column width was set to zero and changing making it a larger quantity made a change. Obviously, somehow I altered it unknowingly! Which begs the question, is there a (dare I say 'normal') value that the width should remain at, or will it self regulate from now on because it is +0? Thank you all so much for the help I am a beginner, but welcoming the new knowledge. Jen
  3. here is a copy of the file that is behaving badly ๐Ÿ˜‚ Vertical text problem2.afpub
  4. Thank you Dominik. I understand this might not be 'true' vertical text. When I make a text box (which appears about 5cm wide with no column formatting or anything else) in Publisher and begin typing words, then each letter immediately sits below the previous one. I have no idea what feature(s) I've changed in this file to make it do this. I am still learning what 'options' in affinity do what. I will try my best to get you more information. Jen
  5. Somehow I have managed to turn on a feature that makes the text within text boxes to be written in a vertical format only. How do I turn this feature off and return the text to 'normal'. I have no knowledge of turning on vertical text in the first place. Learning! Many thanks in advance Jen
  6. Hi Garry, that is fantastic and so quick๐Ÿ˜€. I was almost there as I was fiddling about with Document set-up and yes now I can see the Spread Set-up. Thank you for pointing me in the right direction. So much to learn- so much fun Thank you
  7. Hallo, My question relates to how can the page's px dimensions of an existing Publisher file be changed? I have a perfectly working publisher file containing 5 completed pages, of a custom square page size of 1500px by 1500px. I would like to convert this existing file into two different page size versions for separate uses, one 750px by 750px and the second 750px by1000px. Is there an easy way to do this (I am new to Affinity and still learning the program) or do I have to recreate new files with the new px dimensions that I need. Many thanks in advance Casio
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