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  1. I got an email back offering 20% off a purchase. Really, really disappointed. While I’m not absolving myself of all blame here, I still think it should be made way more clear that you need to repurchase for each OS. The drop down menu during purchase is auto selected and I guess I assumed at the time that it pertained to the download itself, not the key. The idea that if I chose to buy an iPad that you guys expect me to purchase the programs FOR A THIRD TIME is absolutely insane and goes against most of the industry. I’ll be renewing Creative Cloud as they don’t engage in this exploitative behavior and it only costs me $20 a month. I can’t believe Adobe makes more economic sense for me, but I can’t imagine paying for the same software 3 separate times. Let alone when 2.0 comes out and I’d have to do it all over again. Thanks, I guess.
  2. Thanks, I went ahead and sent them an email. I'm really hoping I don't need to pay anything though if I'm being honest. I'm not exaggerating when I said I only edited one photo. I kept the apps installed so I could pop them open and compare niche features as they cropped up while working in Adobe, but that's it.
  3. I wish I knew this before I spent all of that money... I've barely touched the software at all as I was waiting for my Creative Cloud contract to end before moving my workflow over to Affinity. I bought it on Serif's website, not an app store. I also noticed that they directly sell a Mac package outside of the App Store, so it's not like they couldn't just provide both versions to those who purchase a license... So I basically paid $150 to edit one image (testing out functionality, etc before purchase). Haven't used it since and now that my CC end date is nearing I apparently can't use the software I paid all of this money for. I guess I should have been reading all of the fine print, but it's pretty standard across the industry to only charge customers once for a piece of software. I've never had to pay twice for software, this just seems greedy. Super disappointing. EDIT: I realize that you're not an employee, I just had to vent I guess. Sorry!
  4. I purchased the full Affinity suite not too long ago and have switched my main computer to a Mac recently. I went to download my Affinity software and it's only giving me links to the Windows version. What's going on?
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