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  1. I am using AP 1.9.3 on a Mac, and the problem is apparently still there. I have a 430+ page paperback book at 6x9 with .125 inch bleed on top, bottom, and outer edges. There are about a half-dozen different master pages. When I did the export as pages, only pages using some of the master pages exported correctly. For pages using 2 of the master pages, an inner bleed of .125 inch was also exported. I don't see how it could make any difference, but I also had a pair of .125 inch white rectangle strips on the inner edges of the spread due to the requirements of the commercial printer. When I
  2. With the Resource Manager open, the thumbnail box and statistics will update as it should if you click on a row, but not if you use the up or down arrow keys. As I am working on a document with 200 photos, it is a real pain to have to click on each one separately to check the statistics instead of just using the arrow keys.
  3. 1. Create a new document of the size required and the number of pages required. 2. On each page, add a picture frame rectangle from the toolbar all the over on the left for each tiff pane. on your page. 3. While the picture frame rectangle on your page is selected, click on the place image tool from the toolbar. That will add an image to your picture frame rectangle. 4. Repeat for each image for each page. 5. Export document as PDF.
  4. I have not found a way to get a list of all the document pages using a given master page. I want to be able to change all pages using Master A to use Master B instead.
  5. Thanks for fixing. I am now working on my second volume of a 2-volume, 850 page series. It's nice to have it not crash anymore in the middle of things.
  6. Jon, The beta worked perfectly on this! I could not get it to crash again when doing first or last page deletes. Thanks for having a fabulous product! Don
  7. I am using 1.8.6 on Big Sur with a 14 mb document that is about 404 pages. It will reliably crash when deleting the first page of the document. It doesn't seem to matter if it is after a long editing session or if I start the program, load the file, and immediately delete the page. I was hoping that 1.8.6 would fix this problem that was in 1.8.5, but it's still there. I am willing to share the document with you privately, if you contact me. I can also share the Apple dump report as well, if you need it. Cheers. Don
  8. I need my index to have contain both upper and lower case versions of the same entry like this: penstemon foxglove, 47 Penstemon P. digitalis, 47 P. pallidus, 47 Whenever I create a new index entry, it apparently will take the case from whichever parent topic was created first and refuse to create new parent entry with the different case. Any solutions other than manual corrections after it's generated?
  9. Would be nice to have a number of additional options on the customizable tool bar such as Save, Save As, Print, and Export.
  10. Just downloaded and started up Publisher. When creating a new document, in the layout section of the new document options, the tool tip for number of pages says, "Enter the number of pages to be intitially creared in the document." Is that supposed to be "created"? Not exactly a good start after 10 seconds of experience with the application.
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