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  1. cassie7.afdesignWhenever I open a new crescent shape and switch to stroke mode, a line attaches to the top of the shape. I am unable to click on it and remove it as doesn't respond as a part of the shape. Not sure if I attached the file correctly.
  2. I think this has helped me to understand that when the objects are placed side by side, and I noticed the change in the skew, I thought there was an error. Then I started correcting every object back to 0, and that was the wrong thing to do. I am trying to correct something that isn't broken. Is that correct? Thank you for your post.
  3. I am on the wrong forum so have to continue this on the beta. I understand that but I am getting that everywhere in the program now.
  4. In addition, now that I have been working for an hour, the arrow when dragged over items acts as if it is ungrouping them without clicking. My program has slowed with this bug or cliche, while working on my designs. Thanks for your time.
  5. I am not sure how to describe this odd behavior with grouped items. When you click on the grouped item to copy and paste it, it then ungroups and defines the individual shapes in a burgundy color, then it fades within a few seconds. I cannot copy this odd behavior in a photo for you, because it fades so quickly. It is happening on all my files.
  6. That solved it not sure why in the past it merged two different shapes together but will turn off the stroke key from now on
  7. I was having an issue with selecting a shape and an unrelated shape attached itself to the original shape. I now have repeated a similar problem with a cloud shape drawing an outer cloud shape that is transparent around it. I have taken a snapshot of my six year old granddaughters picture that I was helping her with. We drew many shapes and all had the same additional outline. Still can't repeat the additional shape issue.
  8. Just found the problem I was working on clouds and had set the transparency to 40 percent so problem is fixed. Thanks for the support anyway. You guys are great.
  9. On an existing file I worked on 6 months ago the rgb sliders will not go all the way to black on the foreground but will go to black on the outline. All other files are working correctly and I have tried eliminating my pen and using the mouse and there is no change. Is the file corrupted and if I copy and paste the file to a new file will it still be corrupted?
  10. It now works thank you. I am brand new to the Mac as well as Affinity so things are difficult at first. You will notice it took me three hours to figure out how to screen capture and send. Sorry for the duplicate post. I was thought I was previewing before sending. Again thank you.
  11. I am wondering if there is a bug in the RGB selection of sliders. I cannot view G and B only R because the color selector is the size of the box selection. Is this a bug that is being fixed.
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