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  1. Thats not really the point. The point is that what seems to be a relatively minor bug that has broken an entire section of the software is being ignored in favour of new niche features... And the funny thing is that there once was a function in the tool to rearrange the channels on import. This feature was removed in the same update that the bug was introduced in...
  2. A fix would be great. Sadly the turnaround on bugfixing for Affinity is measured in months or years. I started this thread in January... :-( I guess fixing bugs isn't as fun as making new features and iPad apps. Luring in new customers is clearly higher on the agenda than catering to existing ones.
  3. Any chance this will be addressed in 1.6?
  4. I wonder why the reorder-setting was removed to begin with. It was pratical even for some cool creative reasons..
  5. Thank you, i appreciate the help. I have workarounds that i use for the time being but when the functionality is there, but broken for the last 2 releases one gets a little frustrated. :huh:
  6. It doesn't look like this has been resolved in the latest patch (1.5.2). Is there any timeline on this?
  7. I have a problem getting exported LUTs to recreate even the simplest curve adjustments. I have recorded a short video showing the problem. Switching between the original adjustmentlayer and the exported LUT you can clearly see the difference. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9kg9qvg1qlE
  8. Your absolutely right. Sometimes the solution is almost staring you in the face. :-D
  9. One very powerfull set of features would be curves that are not merely lightness based like the Hue VS Saturation VS Lightness Curves in Davinci Resolve. The ability to change saturation based on lightness or hue is a killer feature.
  10. Lo and behold, an update was available within 24 hours and the problem is fixed. Welp, nevermind then :-D
  11. It looks as if you can change the shortcut here but it doesn't seem to work Any news. this is a 2 year old issue now..!
  12. Is this supposed to happen? It seems like the relative height of the "active" font is messing with the rest of the list thus making it jumpy.
  13. Just tried the AP 1.5 beta an look and behold, a new vectorscope! Consider this issue solved.
  14. Snarky or not, what i am "whining" about is a basic functionality fix for a broken product that has been too preoccupied with making new features and not giving existing buggy features the attention they deserve. Bugfixing isnt sexy and it doesnt move product and create headlines in the same way as new features do, thats my problem. Otherwise, thanks for your useless "holier-than-thou" comment.
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