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  1. Leigh, Thanks for the info and hopefully can get fixed soon, not a deal breaker cos I can do things in a different order but it's a pain not to be able to do things in the order I want to. Cheers
  2. Bizarre one this! MBAir running 10.11.4 - Affinity 1.4.1 Using the Perspective Live Filter to correct an image, which works as expected. Set to Show Grid to get the Verticals correct. Then use a duplicate screen layer to lighten the building and for some reason the grid lines are retained onto the picture when exporting or saving back into Lightroom. See the attached screen grabs and exported JPEG showing grid lines on and off depending on the screen layers visibility. Look at the cyclists at the bottom centre of the frame on the JPEG to see lines clearly. Edited to add, when opacity is set to 100%, the lines are not visible, but when set lower, the lines become visible Any ideas?
  3. Leigh, Thanks for the suggestion, however I've gone with R C-R suggestion as it's already installed, thanks to you R C-R as well.
  4. Just setting up AP on a new MacBook Air running El Capitan 10.11.4 and I don't seem to be able to select ProPhoto RGB as my working colour space. On my MBP 15 running 10.9.5 it shows up as an option in the preferences and I've been using it for the past several months. Is this an El Capitan thing or something else? Thanks very much
  5. MBd, I see what you're trying to say and it does make sense to be able to see the whole list in one go. I would still like to be able to order them so that the most used layers are all grouped together. In fact if we go the user editable route, it would be great to be able to toggle the layers on or off so that things like Threshold could be switched off and not show at all.
  6. Is there a way to adjust the order which the Adjustment layers are displayed? I use Curves every time I work a photo but very rarely need to touch Recolour or Posterise and even less Threshold. While it's great to be able to call up these layers, it a bit of a pain to have to scroll past these options before I can open a Curves layer, which I have to do for every picture that I work. Can the display order be edited by the user or if not, can they at least be put in a more user friendly order. Thanks
  7. Is there a reason why the gradient tool doesn't default to pure white to pure black, allowing me to position exactly where I want the gradient to be applied? Say I'd like to make an adjustment to a picture, perhaps darken the sky only. I create a new exposure layer, drop the exposure to get a darker sky and then use the Gradient Tool to mask the exposure layer to only the top portion of the image. All good so far. However I now need to go to the options of the gradient tool to change the default 'off' of the gradient from a light grey to full black to mask the gradient from the bottom of the image. It seems like an redundant extra step but perhaps there is a reason. Thanks
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