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  1. No idea. the point you made is why I am confused I’m new to Linux / SMB, so not sure if the OS “does something” with file types the OS does not natively recognize. As a long short I installed a package to enable HEIF support in the native OS image viewer, and that did not improve copy speeds. I don’t see similar performance difference copying to a windows share connected to same switch.
  2. While looking for HEIF support for Linux I found several open source examples e.g. http://nokiatech.github.io/heif/ so think there is some precedent to it being available. separately. In a strange “ be careful what you wish for“ I have observed relatively slow speeds when copying smaller files with the HEIF extension to a raspberry pi based NAS, vs copying the larger jpg equivalent.
  3. +1 for this suggestion. And please for the iPad version too. I noticed that Pixelmator on my iPad is able to export to HEIF, so others have found it technically feasible.
  4. Yes. My desire is to be able to read a how to and try it at same time. i would like if The help files could be opened split screen, vs right now, when I have to get out of the editor to read how to do something.
  5. Hi. I agree with the need for this FYI there is another forum thread for the same request, lots of views/replies
  6. Hi. First post on this forum. I signed up to request this feature. Needed to color balance skin tones. If there is another way to do that with existing features please let me know. thank you for listening to the user community.
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