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    sethif got a reaction from Jeffreytem in How can I offset the path of an object?   
    Is there a way to offset the path of an object (to create a new path / object that isn't just a scale of the first object)? Please see attached:

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    sethif got a reaction from Psiaku in Cloning Colors / Eye Dropper Tool Shortcut?   
    Is there a short cut / shortcut key for quickly cloning the color of one object to another?
    For example, I have a square that is purple and a circle that is orange. I select the circle and would like to sample the color from the square to turn it purple. 
    The only way I can seemingly do it is to select and drag the eyedropper tool (from the color palette), then sample the color from the square. Then I need to select my circle then click the colored sample from the eyedropper in the palette to change it's color.
    Basically, I'm looking for the exact same function that illustrator provides when sampling / cloning colors and I have to assume Affinity Designer would not make it a three step process when it could be one. In illustrator you can quickly shortcut key to the Eyedropper tool and it changes the current objects color to anyone that you sample.
    Thanks everyone!

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    sethif reacted to MattP in How can I offset the path of an object?   
    We already have a contour tool in the back-end, and it's interactive - but it's just not finished properly at the moment... expect one to arrive one day soon!
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    sethif reacted to retrograde in How can I offset the path of an object?   
    I'm hoping the eventual offset path type of feature will be more interactive than illustrator's, maybe with a slider or something to preview it happening in realtime on the object before committing would be better. Sometimes typing in numbers for these kinds of edits is counter intuitive. The ability to have both I guess would be the ultimate...
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