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  1. Hi, when can we expect a fix on the white balance processing for hte CR3 raws of canon R5 ? Thanks
  2. Hi, when can we expect a fix on the white balance when working with CR3 raws from Canon R5 ? I have submitted samples above for information and test. Thanks
  3. Hi Thanks a lot. I have updated to minterey and affinity 1.10.4 and I can open and develop the canon cr3 raw photos. ther is still a problem with the hue in the white balance before developing which is maxed out at 50% though. Thanks for the speedy fix !
  4. Hi I am using a macbook pro 2016 with Big Sur 11.6 I can open the files no problem but can't develop them.
  5. since the new update today, impossible to develop the cr3 raw photos from canon R5.....😭😭😭. the previous version had a bug with the white balance and this one don't work.....frustrating.... Affinity was a good software but for the last few update it is getting bad. no fixes and more problem !!! Help needed desperately
  6. Hi here is the raw file form my R5. regarding the WB 5600° should be neutral daylight but when I set my WB on my camera to 5600 and my strobes are at 5600k, affinity gives me 4844° and when I set it to 5600° on Affinity it very yellow and the tint is off as well (see screen shot attached) IMG_5388.CR3
  7. I have the same issue. in the prior update everything was fine. now with the one 1.10.1 the magenta are of the roof for any of the pictures I try to open with affinity. is there a fix coming ?
  8. Recently I ma experiencing problem with the white balance when I open CR3 raw file from Canon. the tint is push to the +50% and if I want to put the WB at 5600 k it is way too yellow. does anybody experience the same issue and how can you fix it ?
  9. Just a question : why is it apple that need to send the update and not Affinity ?
  10. I am like you I don’t have PS, my point was that PS as already updated their software so AP need to do so now. the way I am going around is use adobe dng convertor which is free as a beta version then use that dng to open it in AP.
  11. Photoshop already support this format and adobe dng convertor manager the convertion from cr3 to dng. For the moment this is what i use to be able to process the files in AP and slowing done the work flow a lot!
  12. Hi, any news on when the Canon R5 cr3 raw picture will be supported ?
  13. I have tried yesterday and although AP open the file, it doesn't ready it correctly and all color are not correct and their is a black band on too side of the image. you might have tried a preproduction model with a different file file format.
  14. When will Affinity photo support the new format for the eos r5? I love Affinity and I am used to it now and don't really want to change. Thanks
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