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  1. Thanks for your reply, it's nice to know I'm not going mad.
  2. Hi, I have attached a CR3 file from the last couple of days, and also a screenshot from Affinity showing the white balance. From what I can see every CR3 file I have taken has this high magenta tint. I have checked my CR2 files taken with A Canon 80D and they do not have the same magenta tint. The CR3 files were all taken on Canon R6. _N5A7475.CR3
  3. Yes, I didn't notice this issue until I installed version 1.10. There might have previously been a slight magenta tint, but certainly nowhere near as noticable as under this latest version.
  4. I shot some images yesterday using "Sunny" for the white balance option on my Canon R6. When I look at the white balance in Affinity Photo 1.10 shows as 4483k with a magenta tint of 35%. So overall the image appears to be close. In Luminar 4, it shows as 5279k with a magenta tint of 1. Looking back at other CR3 files using Affinity Photo I can see that they all have this huge magenta tint. To me this doesn't seem correct.
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