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  1. Hi all, Adding my voice to the need to have an API to be able to interact with Affinity Photo. Being in the movie industry, that would be a real help to integrate AP in the company. And I'd say probably in the companies bored by the biggest competitor... Custom UI, Open/save files, layer management, being able to call a data base server, get information from the environment (env var), be able to do with the API anything possible with the macros... basically being able to do everything doable in the UI with lines of code would be fantastic. A batch mode would also be fantastic, eg being able to open AP in a terminal, no GUI, run / execute scripts, save files, close. In order of preference, Python, JavaScript, LUA, TCL. Worst case, having the ability to run or execute XML/JSON / YML formatted files as described above. But this would be frustrating to be honest. I guess this is a big amount of work to make this API a real thing, but I'm sure it would bring a lot of customers from movie and game industries where automation is a necessity. Thanks for your feedback.
  2. Hi @Mark Ingram, that is a really good news. Sure I'll be happy to test this in the next Beta. Thanks !
  3. Ok, good to know. I'll emphasize however the annoyance it produces, and the confusion it could bring. Thanks !
  4. Hello, With a custom OCIO config, with 32-bit Linear document in ACEScg color space, with a display management set to OCIO Display Transform and custom display LUT, with several documents open at the same time (all 32-bits ACEScg), we found that the 32-bit display is deactivated when swithing from a document to an other. We have to click on 'Unmanaged' or 'ICC Display Transform' then on 'OCIO Display Transform' to finally see the correct display. Whereas this is not critical, we are always able to bring back the correct display with a few clicks, this is really annoying and perturbing for the artists. This is with Affinity Windows 10. Thanks.
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