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  1. I was able to select text in a new document. I'm not keen on resetting everything (studio and other user defaults) but I guess I'll have to!
  2. Edited - nope, Publisher is crashing when I export to eps too. Jpg seems to be OK I have the same problem on my Macbook Pro. I'll try Dz9r's solution since I am just trying to export single page invoices to finish my end-of-year accounting, but I see Affinity said three days ago that they are aware of the problem, has there been an update since?
  3. I'm currently unable to select text in Publisher without a lot of lag, spinning wheel etc. and sometimes not at all. Is anyone else have this problem? I've quit Publisher and restarted my laptop to no avail. Publisher 1.8.6, High Sierra 10.13.6
  4. @Callum I've already deleted the table, which deleted all the hyperlinks, so I'm not sure whether the document is of any use now? I've just set up a dummy document with a table of 10 rows, text in each cell links to a different page. I inserted a row between rows 4 and 5 and the hyperlink for row 5 was automatically applied to the text I entered in that cell, although the hyperlink didn't show in the Hyperlinks studio. I could easily delete the hyperlink from the text and it didn't seem to get stuck.
  5. I had exactly this problem, except my missing dictionary was en-PT. Walt Farrell's solution was the winner for me - Try this: 1. Edit Base and change the language. 2. Click the hamburger icon for the Text Styles panel and then "Save Styles as Default".
  6. Update: I've worked out what the problem is and this is surely a bug. The contents list was just a simple one column table. When I inserted a new page into the document, I had to insert a new row in the contents table. Inserting the row copied the hyperlink, which seemed to have been attached to the cell, not the text in the cell. Of course, deleting the affected cell and trying to insert a new one doesn't help, because that still copies the hyperlink from the cell above. I've had to delete the whole table (which deleted all the hyperlinks, including the rogue one) and redo it. I have a document of a mere 11 pages and have inserted a page hyperlink to each in a contents list on the first page. Simple, right? No. I have one hyperlink that is set to go to page 10. When I right click the text in the contents list and Go to Target in Publisher, it goes to page 10. When I click on the hyperlink in the pdf, it goes to page 9. The page numbers, and therefore the hyperlinks, did change when a new page had to be inserted, but this particular hyperlink seems to have got stuck. I have deleted and redone the hyperlink several times but it hasn't been fixed. So I opened the horribly glitchy Hyperlinks studio panel and can see 2 hyperlinks with the same name. I cannot delete the incorrect one (most of the time I can't even select it) and clicking on Go to Source so I can try and delete it from there does nothing. If I double click on the incorrect hyperlink and change the page number to 10, a new hyperlink to page 10 is created, but the hyperlink to page 9 is still there and is the one that the pdf uses. Without being able to delete the incorrect hyperlink from the studio panel, or go to the source so I can delete it from there, I can find no way of removing it. This document has to go to the client in the next couple of hours and I am at my wits end! Help!
  7. Neither of those options worked, base language is still 'Unknown (en-PT)'.
  8. The Base style Language says (Unknown en-PT). I can change that to English for each document but surely I should be able to change something somewhere so that it defaults to UK English automatically when I create a new document. I have no idea where/why it is trying to find Portuguese. The Preflight message is 'Missing dictionary for language (en-PT)'. I'm using a Mac, but my UI language is set to English in Affinity Preferences.
  9. The default language setting in my Base style for new documents is Portuguese but I want it to be UK English. I have Portuguese set as a secondary language on my Mac (I live in Portugal) but the primary language in my system settings, keyboard settings, Publisher settings is English and UK English where that is possible. Still, the Base style in new documents defaults to Portuguese – why? I don't have a Portuguese dictionary loaded for spelling, which means I get thousands of warnings about a missing dictionary in Preflight – literally, more than 5,000 warnings in a 280 page document! How can I change the Base language default globally, rather than having to remember to change it for each new document?
  10. In a document I was working on recently, I had the same problem with odd leading. The paragraph style was set to 13pt, no character style was applied to the text, yet the info bar at the top of the screen (forget the technical name) told me the leading was 12pt. I had to apply a different style to the highlighted text and then reapply the paragraph style I actually wanted to get the 13pt leading to 'stick'. I also find that sometimes a random character style will be applied. For instance, I am applying paragraph styles to headers etc quite happily, but the next time I click on the paragraph style 'Header', the character style 'Bullet' is also applied. No idea how/why that happens but it's pretty annoying.
  11. I do have Portuguese as a language setting for my keyboard, but it's not the default setting. I've checked every setting mentioned in this thread and made sure that UK English is the default where possible, but my Base language setting for new documents is still Portuguese 😡 I'd love to know how I can change that so I don't have to remember to do it every time I start a new document.
  12. I'm copying from the Publisher document, the text that is highlighted in my screenshot. 'Copy hyperlink location' isn't an option and nor is 'Paste without formatting'. As far as I can see, my only option is to Copy (which includes formatting), Paste (which retains formatting) and delete the formatting manually. I agree that it feels like a bug - there should be an option to exclude formatting either when you copy or when you paste. Thanks for the workaround idea but the URLs in bulleted lists are a minority, albeit a large one, of the 400 or so hyperlinks I have to create.
  13. I have the same problem with not being able to use Cmd+V to paste into the URL field. It appears to be because I changed my keyboard shortcuts so that Cmd+V was paste without formatting, if I use Shft+Alt+Cmd+V it pastes OK. But (for me at least) the URL field is not the highlighted field when the dialogue box opens, I have to use the mouse to select it to paste into, so just using keyboard shortcuts isn't possible to insert a hyperlink from selected text. Which is a shame!
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