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  1. 18 hours ago, Old Bruce said:


    You have 0 DPI set for the USA.afdesign document. And the SVG image is approximately infinite in size.


    It was originally 300, but I must admit I didn't even notice that it had changed there. Doesn't really indicate where an error can be occurring, so I didn't even think to look there.


    This type of tribal knowledge makes troubleshooting really difficult.


    Thanks to all for the help!

  2. 2 hours ago, v_kyr said:

    Your screenshot indicates too that there is no selected stroke there, namely nothing (x) as a stroke (aka stroke is None), so no strokes have been applied at all! - Also looking at the text field beside the width slider, which shows up NO numerical value (even not a "0"), seems to be odd!

    For me it looks like there haven't been applied any stroke numerical value setting to selected paths or shapes there at all when generating the SVG, the shown SVG output mess, with only nan's, indicates the same here.- I think something doesn't work the right way for your ADe2 installment! You may retry by quitting/restarting ADe and creating a new doc in order to see if it behaves the same odd way then or not, if it still behaves odd then try to remove and reinstall ADe2.

    I was able to get it fixed by copying the paths and pasting them in another file. <shrug>

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