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  1. Seems like a HUGE limitation to me. Is there something preventing this seemingly huge annoyance from being implemented? I know back in May it was 'on the roadmap.' Is there any movement on that? Thanks!
  2. Doh! I can't believe I put the wrong font! Grrrrrr, it's colors of Autumn. I'm so sorry. I was looking at the wrong layer. Ugh.
  3. Not sure how to explain it, but when I use Vermin Vibes Redux in Affinity, typing an F next to an I makes both the F and I disappear. If I type more than once (i.e. fififi) all but the last two are invisible. If I try to erase any, it goes back to them being invisible. If I delete either letter, the other one comes back. Hopefully that makes sense. This font works perfectly in Illustrator, Muse, Photoshop, Pixelmator, Sketch, etc.