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  1. Dear developers, I have just installed the updated Publisher (2.2) and at once encountered a serious problem. I cannot save (overwrite) files inside Icloud shared folders (Windows 11). I can „save as” as a new file, but can not overwrite anything. Inside other folders (outside of Icloud share) I can save. All my works are in shared Icloud folders, this way they are synchronised across my devices. Mihály Varju
  2. Hi, from within Icloud shared folder on a local drive, Windows 11 pro and Windows 10 home. Same problem on a desktop PC and on a notebook.
  3. After modifying the folder name of the linked resource Publisher does not freeze. I think it means Publisher has some very specific problem with the referencing system it uses to link-find files.
  4. Dear developers, I have some stability issues with v2.03. Overall I experience program freezing here and there, mainly when I try to zoom on an image with middle mouse scrolling. But today I have experienced a new type of program freezing: I closed the program, because I wanted to make a heavier edit on a linked photo in a differenct application. When I tried to reopen the document, Publisher opened it (showed me the unupdated document in the main window) and notified me, that the resource has been modified. No matter what I do (click on it, wait without clicking on it, restarting the computer), Publisher freezes after a few seconds, just quits, and disappears. I had stability issues with v1, but I think much fewer. Thank you.
  5. Dear developers, I have noticed this problem, which makes it almost impossible to create text containing documents: the new IpadOS makes it possible to set the ipad in scaled display mode, thus making the machine to have more real estate on screen. Unfortunatelly when I turn it on, hoping to have more space, I experience that Publisher v2.02 can not render text on screen properly. I do not know if it is a particular problem with Publisher, or a systemwide issue. If it is a system problem please notify Apple about it, and I suggest you guys to have a pupup implemented in Publisher informing the user about this systemwide problem, before the user starts wondering. Thank you
  6. Thank you for your answer. I think, in use, it is a real problem, even if it is not a bug. I think programming ideas needs to be tested in real life, in this case, the idea causes problems which require unnecessarry workarounds (maybe nonsensical workarounds). I think Affinity tries make things easier compared to other softwares, in this case they did not succede, I hope they will fix it, and will add a real pasteboard with proper options.
  7. Good evening. I have to report this problem too. In a multipage document, when I have a big image (large dimensions), when I want to move this image to a new position within the selected page, this image jumps to other neighbouring pages. Sometimes it is impossible to retain this image in the selected page (if you try to move it). If you want to replicate this problem, import an image, scale it to bigger than the page, duplicate the page (as if you would like to create a version of the page), then try to move this image. It will jump to the other page. It was a problem in V1 too, but I am afraid it is more serious now in V2. I think the problem is connected with the fact that there is no dedicated pasteboard in Publisher (proper pasteboard), only bleed. In Indesign there is a dictinct pasteboard with settings (height, width, plus gap between consecutive pages-pasteboards). There is no similar problem in Indesign.
  8. Unfortunatelly I experienced this disappearing problem with a linked pdf file too, in v1 I used this same pdf (European Union infoblock) without any issue.
  9. Dear developers, I have found various bugs using Publisher v. 2.00, I had absolutelly no similar experience in v. 1.x First, reccuring selection problems, on multiple machines: selecting a previously drawn line (that is a curve object, not a primitive object) sometimes is impossible selecting multiple curve points with the marque tool is not possible, I have to select one by one by clicking on them selecting objects sometimes is very hard when a text objects is near to the object, the selection automatically jumps to texts elements even if they are not too near to the object Disappearing images: yesterday I had a serious struggle in a document with multiple linked images, which disappeared, somehow I managed to reimport them, but it was tricky, the format was not particularly dangerous (transparent psd images saved with max compatibility), never had any issues similar to this beforehand Unchanged images as changed ones: Publisher constantly tryes to make me believe that one or more linked images had been changed since closing and reopening the document, these times I had to update them. The files are on local ssds, but within an Icloud shared folder, never had any similar issues beforehand with v 1.x. Wrap object with layer effect(s) applied: When I switch to Designer persona inside Publisher, and apply a wrap deformer, after this I revert back to Publisher persona, and try to apply a layer effect (for example drop shadows), the effect is applied only within a boxed area which is unusable and nonsensical, if I make this wrap object to a simple curve object then the effect works correctly. Color palette problems: sometimes the palette reverts to cmyk sliders, it is a little irritating compared to v 1.x with which I never had any similar experience Thank you for your attention. I hope these will be addressed very soon, because most of these are serious flaws in the new application. Anyway Publisher is my preferred tool in a lot of scenarios.
  10. Affinity Publisher (Photo and Designer too) main menubar items open in backward direction. When I open any menu item it opens in backward direction, I do not think it was the standard way, pretty annoying.
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