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  1. Thanks. Here's what I was seeing: I had the App Store open on both devices for Affinity Photo. Macbook status for app was "Open" while iMac status for app was "$24.99" like I needed to buy it again. Again on iMac, when I clicked on my name, Affinity Software was not showing up as purchased. I figured out then that the App Store on iMac was not in sync with my Macbook App Store. So on the iMac, I signed out of the App Store and quit the app. I then reopened it and signed back in. I then clicked on my name in lower left corner. Volia! The Affinity Photo app was there. I clicked on the download button (Cloud) and downloaded and installed Affinity Photo on my iMac. Thanks for responding. I hope my post helps someone else facing the same problem. Carey
  2. Funny, but no one is asking the question I've been searching for "HOW?" How do I install it on a different computer with the same license. It's apparantly obvious to everyone but me.
  3. My Grandson wishes to become a graphic designer. I've decided to buy him Affinity Designer for his birthday, but don't see an option for gifting. How do I purchase Designer so it goes to his computer.
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