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  1. I was inking successfully for days without this issue and changed nothing in my setup. Suddenly, when changing tools (or doing an UNDO) using the buttons on my Bamboo WACOM, it causes my Affinity Designer canvas to jump to a different location as if the buttons are not only changing tools but triggering a canvas repositioning. This happened the other day and I after a lot of frustration I thought I had figured it and it went away for a while... but now it is back again and has nothing to do with what i figured out before. Things were working fine for more than an hour today without a
  2. This is exactly the command I was looking for. I knew there must be a quick and easy way to deselect. Thank you!!
  3. I just experienced this 3 times trying to do some lettering for a comic with the brush and using pressure. I was so impressed with how smooth and snappy it is, thinking "WOW... this is way better than doing this in Illustrator"... but then Affinity Designer would quickly hang and the beach ball would keep spinning. It happened 3 times (and I tried it on documents with different resolutions too) before I realized this is a repeatable bug and not something I am going to be able to do until this is fixed. Glad to see I am not alone if it means it is likely to be addressed in a soon
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