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  1. I have one of those cheap powered hubs but for some reason my iPad didn't like it. When attempting to connect the SSD through it, my iPad froze and rebooted. it scared the shit out of me lol.. but everything is fine. I guess I need one of those thunderbolt hubs, I don't know. Another negative, the SSD gets hot and drains the battery of my iPad very fast. It doesn't get as hot with my iMac. That's why I think it's a power issue.
  2. https://affinity.serif.com/es/designer/ Scroll all the way down, you'll see the links. BTW, you may want to go to their homepage and follow the links to the three apps yourself, since my link is for the spanish version of the website. Discount price ends today, I don't think downloading the trial will hold it for 30 days.
  3. Please add the ability to set a sample size larger than 1x1 in the eyedropper tool that activates with the modifier button (option I think) within the brush tool in the Affinity Photo for iPad (and Desktop). This is a critical aspect of a photo retouching workflow, being able to sample the color of part of a surface, not just one pixel. Right now the only way to accomplish this is switching from the brush tool to the eyedropper tool, set the sample to 5x5 or whatever, sample, and switch back to the brush tool and it breaks the workflow completely.
  4. Are you able to change the sample size to something larger than 1x1? for example 5x5.. if so, how?
  5. Spoke too soon, it happened again. It's not an issue with the Affinity apps but with the iPad. I suspect that an iPad Pro doesn't have enough power in the USB-C port to feed a Samsung T7. I found some powered Thunderbolt hubs, but they're a bit expensive, more than the T7 itself. I had to reformat it again but this time I'm trying ExFAT format to see if that changes anything, my guess is that it will fail again at some point. Not sure if the T7 is worth buying the hub though. I will consider it.
  6. I'm trying to do the same thing. The modifier eyedropper tool should take the same settings the eyedropper in the toolbar but it doesn't. I haven't found a way to change the sample size. Let me know if you do please.
  7. I reformatted my Samsung T7 to APFS (non encrypted, non case sensitive) and it works fine now
  8. I’m creating a photobook and I have all the photos on a Samsung T7 SSD with APFS case-sensitive format (if it matters). I originally had these files in the iPad but I moved them to the SSD to save space. When trying to relink these photos it stays forever. Is it possible to use an external drive for this? Also, when trying to replace, Publisher just hangs and then quit.
  9. I’m sick of the crying and moaning. Unsubscribing. Thanks Serif, will upgrade to universal license before offer ends. Keep it up guys, you must be aware there a lot more happy users than those complaining, just by the cheer number of licenses sold so far. It’s just that crying is a loud activity.
  10. Agree. You can hear a lot of crying, but you can’t hear the smiles. So, +1 smile here.
  11. I stand corrected. I bought all 3 apps a couple of years ago, but I made the mistake of buying 2 of the apps through the App Store and one in your website. I also bought photo and designer for the iPad. I want to say I do appreciate the 40% discount and will be buying the universal license before the offer expires. I don’t care if new users get the same discount, that’s none of my business. Thanks to the whole team for making great software, and to the company for listening to us and staying away from subscription. Now that would be awful but you listened and I certainly appreciate it.
  12. Have you contacted support? They’re arranging for people who bought the apps recently to get free upgrades. I would do that before posting about how disappointed I am.
  13. Wow, so you bought one v1 app at 30% off a year ago and you feel 40% off for v2 now is not enough?? You seriously expect to get a free upgrade?? yeah, that in my book is ungrateful.
  14. Presiona durante un par de segundos “Nuevo” y te aparece la opción.
  15. It doesn’t because the Affinity Apps do not support multitasking without Stage Manager. They don’t support living in a split screen configuration, so the OS does not show the 3 dots. Stage Manager forces multitasking even when an app won’t support it, and so we have this issue.
  16. The way your plugins work is just fantastic, providing layers for fine tuning the result which is already the best I’ve seen from any plugin. I think I might just get the standalone version of a couple of your plugins anyway since the result is so good. But I truly hope that the Affinity team make this work sometime. I’m guessing if they do, we’ll get working many plugins that currently don’t work. I hope the team at affinity see this and make it happen.
  17. Come on Affinity Team! Here we have the developer of one FANTASTIC plug in willing to work with you guys to make their plug in work. Please, please.. make it happen. I want this plug in to work with AP, it would do wonders to my workflow! @Oleg, I have one question about the standalone version of your plugins. Will they generate a PSD file with layers or is this only for the plugin version?
  18. So how did it go? Does it work with AP? The plugins seem to be the best AI skin retouch out there, I would pay for a couple of those IF they work with AP.
  19. I second this. I would love to see a motion graphics app from Serif, I'd buy in a heartbeat. Together with Photo and Designer it would be a killer app. Affinity Animator, Affinity Motion.. please, please consider this.
  20. @MEB awesome, I was looking for this feature and I can't find it. I see it's been asked for a long time now, hopefully we'll have it soon.
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