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  1. So far I haven't experienced that, but I guess it depends a lot on how you hold your pen and how you rest your palm on the tablet. There's still room for improvement at least, it sounds like. 😋
  2. Ah, I just found someone else's issues where one of the replies demonstrated exactly how to do this. In case someone in the future struggles to figure this out just like I did, you simply double tap the fullscreen button (top-right), and it hides the bottom toolbar as well. 😋
  3. In Affinity Photo on iPad 8th generation I find the extra menu at the bottom very distracting when I don't actually want to use it. Is there any way to hide it? I can hide all the other toolbars, but that box is always visible, and it's driving me nuts. Thank you for helping me out. - Rora
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