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  1. In Affinity Designer "Move by Whole Pixels" didn't work, when i copy artboard by drag-and-drop
  2. Hi, i have a new question about export in affinity Designer. I have an artboard with dimension 1284x2778px, but when i switched to Export Persona the dimension to export become 1296x2790.
  3. Thx, a lot. It is work! But i didn't understand why the position affect on export size. It's a bug or feature?
  4. Could you make a screen? i didn't understand where it is
  5. Hi. I have an artboard size 1024x1024 http://joxi.ru/ZrJOjanCMwexEm But when i try to export image the artboard size become 1025x1024 http://joxi.ru/KAg7JxnUXEeypA , +1px on width. Why? How can i export in size that artboard have?
  6. Thx a lot. I think that this feature works, when an object was selected, it shows with which object it is snapping. Sry for bad english.
  7. I use move tool to select an object. Then i deselect it, but an object get a pink stroke. And this stoke doesn’t disappear. Why? What can i do to remove it?
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