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  1. My computer updated this morning and my document setup is different. I have tried to follow the instructions to make my background transparent, steps don't track. Help. Please
  2. Yes, I have Designer and in this string of conversation, they said this - - - It is above Draw a circle, go to "Layers" in the top toolbar, "Convert to Plot Text". Type the top text if there is one, or if there is none, simply click "Align to Center". Then click on "Enter" and type the bottom text, taking care not to use a font size too large. tracé de texte
  3. I do not seem to have 'convert to plot text' in my layers dropdown.
  4. I have tried to create styles by using 'create style' while indicating what it is I would like to make a style of but nothing ever happens. I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong.
  5. I would like to add an outline or stroke to a word that I have filled with design using "mask to back" because I would like the word stand out more. Is there a way to do that? I've tried a few different things with not luck. Thank you I appreciate any help
  6. Yes has been happening to me ALOT!
  7. For the past week or so my program keeps crashing. While I am designing it suddenly freezes and the little wheel keeps spinning like it's thinking but won't recover. It happens many times a day. I do report it to apple but don't know if there is a problem that others know about and what I should do about it. Very difficult to continue using it as today it has already done it 3 times in about 30 minutes
  8. I am working on something and I have been told I can use colors I create if I have the hex code. I have no idea what that is. Can anyone help me with that and does that even sound right?
  9. I am trying to download the 1.5.1 to fix the crashing problem but on the app store I don't see an update...Only the purchase
  10. I am not finding the 1.5.1 update to fix the crashing problem - Where should I bee looking? The app store only shows a purchase
  11. How would I change a group of 'duplicates' . If I made ten duplicates of the word Jane and wanted to change them all to John at one time - - - -
  12. I know I have inadvertently done this in the past but now that I want to --- I can't figure it out. IE; I am creating a design to print on fabric that is sort of a word toss of a child's name in several different fonts. My plan was to make each font for "jane" a different layer but may want to change that particular font/name to ' john' and when I change one it will change all those names in that font at the same time ---- I would appreciate the help. Thanks
  13. I purchased an image that I want to use for a logo. It is in black and I want it to be blue. How change the color. I know how to change the colors of my own designs but this is new to me
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