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  1. Adding a +1 to this. Like others have stated the ability to save different workspaces across the Affinity suite of products should be a top of the list. New features are great but getting the basics solid before adding more on top should be a priority. Now that Publisher is out of beta we now have even more of a need for this. All of the windows, palette settings, assets, macros etc. have to be manually setup to match the individual apps (Photo & Designer). It takes hours (if not days) setting up all these preferences and installs. Having to everything twice - not to mention the duplication of the files. This makes no sense - You have assets/macros etc. duplicated in each respective app's preference/Library folder (all the ".propcol" files). It would make more sense if Publisher referenced AP and AD's .propcol files and settings. Workspace settings should be able to be synced from within Publisher to AP and AD's .propcol files etc. This would save users countless hours of work, and it appears (from reading other comments) work that needs to be redone each timer there is an app update. I just want to end on how thankful I am to the Affinity team for making such a great product, not to mention making it affordable. Thank you for not making these apps subscription based! I have gotten quite a few colleagues to purchase your apps. I've bought multiple copies for myself and as gifts for others etc.
  2. Thanks for this. It's a really useful tool. I wish this was built into the Affinity suite of apps already (like many others). Having the ability to save different workspaces is so vital (and being able to back them up). It takes hours (if not days) to setup add-ons, assets, macros etc. and all the window presets etc. for each. Is there a Mac project with the same or similar features?
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