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  1. and in case you staff missed my suggestion, shamelessly pinnnnnnn @Patrick Connor BTW, merry Xmas!
  2. I have an idea that solves all those similiar feature requests like "blend tool", but it will be hard to implement: make a node based tool just like "geometry nodes in blender". It allows users to pack, save and share self-made presets which can be seen as "features" or "plugins". What's more, affinity official could pack some presets along with the app itself. Also if it's possible, we could have a market for users to share/sell their own presets.
  3. Hi @DWright I just confirmed that this is still not fixed V2 series version v2.04.
  4. You don't get the point. If Astute come and make their subscribtion-based plugins, you have the right to not use it. The point is that Affinity haven't implemented the SDK for third party plugin development. If they do, there will be free/affordable plugins.
  5. @rayRyo I doubt Serif would do such stupid thing. It is literally smashing their brand.
  6. It is an independent company what is not tied to Adobe. And Astute in the past just talked in this forum willing to develop plugins for Affinity suites.
  7. Maybe Serif should consider allowing plugin development and making a plugin store. Thus, Serif itself could release first-party high quality plugins as a source of income and at the same time user or thrid-party developer like Astute Graphics could help developing "long wanted, low priority" or some "few needed but hard to implement" functionalities.
  8. When typing in texts for artistic texts or frame texts along with an IME (input method for CJK users to type our language), hit escape key once and hit a shortcut doesn't perform its functionality. Say I want to switch to the move tool by hitting V key, the key press will be taken as a text input by the IME. Temporary solution (for years): A:hit escape twice (sometimes doesn't work) B: switch IME back to English. This BUG happens across the whole Affinity Suite. I have a screen recording for you. IME taking over keypress.mp4
  9. In China, Korea, Japan, our acient books are writen in vertical order. Nowadays it's still used in quite a lot of places to express a traditional mood. This feature was mentioned several years ago and still not implemented.
  10. For those who don't know what is the states panel, you could watch the official video instruction by Serif. 1. the states panel in Affinity Photo could record the layer hide/show state of the whole document. It's also unspokenly useful in Affinity Designer. 2. the states panel existing in Affinity Photo can't be used when in Export Persona. If we could switch between various states when exporting, it will save quite a lot of time. e.g., this usage I mentioned in the past 3. adding built-in system variable in export-properties for quick referencing when configuring custom filename.
  11. Bought your V2 series, and tried the experiment again. This BUG still exists! Please fix it ASAP😩
  12. I'm not sure if it's only the microsoft store version. I've only got access to the store version. I've attached the test image file from "Examples of various wide-gamut images (webkit.org)" It is a display-p3 tagged image and when viewing via proper CM, you should see a webkit logo. Now I could only see this:
  13. I've been testing an experimental feature called ACM (Automatic color management). It's meant to be the solution for the long-standing windows color management mess. See this article Advancing the State of Color Management in Windows - DirectX Developer Blog (microsoft.com) Long story short, when ACM enabled every app that doesn't acquire the new standard will be considered unmanaged and who's content being restricted inside srgb. And Microsoft offered a way to save the compatibility for some old self-color-managed apps: https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/win32/wcs/advanced-color-icc-profiles#enabling-the-display-icc-compatibility-helper However, this compatibility option doesn't work for affinity suite installed via mircosoft store (I'm not sure if it works with self-installed version), which means that Affinity apps' displaying content will be restricted inside Srgb. Then I did some test, Adobe 2021 apps works flawlessly; GIMP, both store version and installer version works. I don't expect a fix for this issue on the existing 1.x affinity apps cause it is a windows previewing feature. But I do want to inform you that this could be fixed when your long developing 2.0 update launches.
  14. As the title described, and this is the screenshot: This bug can be found in affinity publisher also. Here's a demo file. demo.afdesign
  15. This is how I set up the test file. To exaggerate the result, I duplicated several saturation adjustment layers. Afphoto file provided in the attachment. bug.afphoto
  16. Well, after years since last time I came around this topic, some opinions about subscription based purchase model came up. For me it's not a big deal, everyone has the right to choose to buy or not. My point is that, affinity should expose their software's plugin API. As you can see the current functionality of Affinity Suite is some what limited from some aspects. If we have an open SDK, we can have plugins charged or free from developers or users to fill the gap. BTW, it's quiet about several months. Maybe affinity's about to drop a big update?
  17. Indeed. I have several variable fonts, I can see them in the font list, while I can't use them.... AD just doesn't allow me to choose it.
  18. 1. Crop to Selection: when user has a selection and switch to crop tool, crop tool should snap to the selection bounding box 2. New document Size from Clipboard image: when user just made a screenshot which is saved to clipboard and want to create a new document, the default size for that document should be the same as the image from the clipboard.
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