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    chrisbst reacted to Petar Petrenko in Affinity Photo Workbook   
    You will have to buy a new one when it comes out.
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    chrisbst got a reaction from manu schwendener in Can't open Designer   
    You need to be logged into the Mac app store with the same userid  you originally used to purchase product then click on updates if you still cannot see any update then try to reboot your Mac as I have sometimes had problems with the app store an found a reboot of laptop rectifies problem
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    chrisbst reacted to Richard S. in List of Resources.   
    Just an idea, but would it make sense for staff to create a sticky thread, which basically acts as a list of all resources shared by members?
    The list could display each contributing member's name, followed by the list of their resources, or alternatively, listed by type of resource (Macros / Brushes) etc.
    This would prevent having to scroll down through potentially hundreds of separate threads.
    The users could still post their specific threads here, but the top thread could be made sticky - listing them all.
    All the users / creators would need to do would be to request that their resource gets added to the list.
    If each member who thinks this is a good idea "likes" this post, it will then be easier for staff to see if the community likes this idea or not (without having to post lots of separate +1 posts.)
    Just an idea :)
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    chrisbst got a reaction from mrteapot in Could you please tell me how to use affinity make picture in dispersion   
    I think this video on youtube may be what you looking for tried putting link here but would not show so just do a search for
       "Dispersion Effect - Affinity Photo "
    Also on Youtube from Affinity Jack  "Affinity Photo - Disintegration Effekt (English Subtitles) " but in German
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