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  1. How can I make the transparent background darker more defined? When I add a shadow then within the shadow the transparent background is more visible how can I make it all more visible?
  2. In photo I made a donut shape when I choose the layer then the fill tool I don't see this choice in the context bar.
  3. Where is the settings for save file with/without history or snapshots?
  4. Thank you tip one I am saving these to a list hope to get more.
  5. Photo Question Does anyone have a list of things or tips that can be used to keep document files low. ​The other day I had a 200+ mb file which I thought was larger than it could have been. It did contain about four curves with bitmapped gradients (resized) that I was suspecting was the reason the doc size was only 1024X1024. Thanks any tips are appreciated.
  6. Thanks for confirming that it is working... :) what I get in Safari... works in chrome.
  7. Will this be for Photo or design or hopefully both?
  8. Affinity Photo Only Question: I have an elliptical gradient and would like a stepped sharp edge at the color change how is this done?
  9. I still have no idea how to create a default font setting. Sorry Photo by the way.
  10. When you say do it with both, what both I understand the text tool but where else?I don't see how to set a font as my default.
  11. • Seamless Clone, by Barak Itkin, simplifies merging one image into another by adjusting brightness and colors of the pasted image to match the look of the image it is pasted to.
  12. Affinity Photo on a Mac Question How if possible can you edit an existing style? Thanks
  13. Alt+Delete works on my MacBook Pro OSX El Capitan Ver 10.11.6
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