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  1. On my Mac El cap MacBook Pro Retina, Mid 2012 15 in.  OS X 10.11.6, One button mouse I can zoom with the mouse if I hit alt/option and scroll.

    I no longer use the Magic mouse, too unreliable too many batteries. They no longer sell Magic mouse charger etc. I switched to a Kensington wired mouse. and now use the pref: >Tools> use scroll wheel for zoom( don't know what scrubby zoom even means but left it checked.). Works great.

  2. Here's a simpler way: duplicate the sword, remove the FX of the duplicate, create rectangles over the areas of the sword that should be above the dragon, add those rectangles (boolean operation), then drag the duplicate layer of the sword over the resulting layer of the boolean operation in the Layers panel to use it as a clipping object (a single layer does all the clipping). 


    attachicon.gifdragon & sword_MEB.afdesign


    Note: File must be opened in Designer 1.5.

    File won't open: AD v. 1.4.2.


  3. Didn’t I say just this above, uncle808us?  ;)





    To answer your second question: unfortunately, you can use the Pen Tool Method only in the way I indicated, when you are using Affinity Designer. These options are available only in Affinity Photo. The context toolbar has no “Selection” button in Affinity Designer, and there is no “Quick Mask” mode.  :)

    Yea I guess I did not understand what you were saying.

    People should be using the Pen Tool (in straight line mode - from the context toolbar) - then using the "Mask" and "Selection" buttons to turn it into a selection.

    Where is a tutorial on this? Where is the context toolbar?Are the"Mask" and "Selection" buttons in the context tool bar.

     People want to know. :wacko: Using Designer


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