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  1. Thanks. I have changed my setting. It was "Anywhere, but warn me before installing an app that's not from the Microsoft store"
  2. When installing I got a prompt from Microsoft to install from MS Store, but they wanted to charge me $25. I continued with the installation outside of the store.
  3. Has anyone used this program to design stamp album pages for collectors, such as the attached? National Parks.afpub
  4. The Publisher help file is pretty well organized but I would still like to see a PDF manual that I could download, print pages as needed, and search. I could not find out how to display both the icons and text on the menu bar in the help system. I finally discovered that I could do so by right-clicking on a blank section of that bar and choosing "Icon and Text." I also much prefer the light screen user interface rather than the default dark screen. The video tutorials that I have looked at use the dark screen where it is often hard to see just what the presenter is clicking on.
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