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  1. I come at this discussion from probably a different perspective than most. I had to stick with Adobe CS2 (a suite given to me by a grateful subscriber) for many years because Adobe's prices had become astronomical and their later subscription program an absurdity--at least for me. I am neither a rank amateur nor a professional, but an experienced writer who has published his own work (more often than not in PDF form) for better than thirty years. With the advent of such programs as PageMaker, and then the early InDesign, I launched into full-fledged page layout. Beyond that, all my work is off
  2. I could not find a post on this, so wanted to report it before the v9.1 bug fixes are released. In previous versions of Publisher one could right-click on a template icon to edit a template file--that is, instead of opening as a blank file, it allowed you to edit the template itself. In v9.1 this insists on opening a blank file. Even if I tried to open it from an external file manager, it still opened as a blank file. I know that, as a workaround, I could open it as a blank, then save back to the template file. But this is an option that no longer works as it did in v1.8x. This bug, along with
  3. Thank you for this, Dan C. My Publisher has been laggy and jerky ever since the 1.9 update. All I did was close the Paragraph Studio--and like magic, everything was pleasantly snappy again. I look forward to the update that will fix this.
  4. Of course. That was silly of me. The reason I didn't do that was that it didn't show up on the list in Publisher. After enabling, I tested it twice, and each time it did NOT kill the keyboard shortcuts. So the villain in this story seems to be CutePDF. I'll check for an updated driver for that--or a replacement (in the past I've had problems with Microsoft Print to PDF). Thank you very much for your help, Walt.
  5. I just tested it by right-clicking in the Windows File manager, selecting Print and it opened Acrobat, prompted for a file name, then printed the new file. Returning to Publisher, I still had my keyboard commands. So this is a possible workaround--but it still raises the point: This never happened (using CutePDF) before the latest Windows 10.
  6. I haven't tested that, but I will try to. Thanks for your response.
  7. I have seen other posts that reported problems similar to this, but cannot find one identical. Publisher Version: Windows 10 Home (build 19041.685) Short Version of Problem: As soon as I Print a document as a PDF (not Export, but using File / Print), I lose all keyboard shortcuts (e.g., CTRL-P, CTRL-S, CTRL-Shift-W) and F-key assignments. I must reboot Publisher to get them back. Longer Version of Problem: I have used the Affinity programs for several versions without experiencing this problem. It seemed to show up when I got a new computer with the latest version o
  8. I am in the process of moving from CS2 InDesign to Affinity Publisher, and I congratulate those involved in creating a reasonably priced competitor. I am enjoying the entire suite immensely. I was disappointed, however, to discover that the Interactive facility in Publisher is so rudimentary. In the on-screen version of my monthly publication I include arrows in the footer margin of my Master Page for "Previous Page" and "Next Page." I see no way to do this in Affinity, which limits you to linking to a specific page--which will not work on a Master Page, and would require (in a fifteen-page PD
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