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  1. Hello, yes, you are absolutely right. It makes no sense to leave the softproof activated. It should only give optical feedback and not determine the PDF output-colour profile. So no bug.
  2. One more note: before exporting PDF/X-4 the soft proof layer must be deactivated again. Otherwise black overprinting will not work - this may be a bug.
  3. Hello, everybody, I have found the solution to this problem: You have to create a parent layer on the softproof master page. Underneath this, the new adjustment level "Softproof". Then transfer the master page to all pages, select the softproof level there, select "edit linked" and put the level at the very top.
  4. Hallo, ich hatte auch das Problem. Aber es ist ein Feature: Im Level-Bedienfeld können Sie wählen, ob alle Ebenen bearbeitet werden können oder nur die aktive. Es ist das eine Symbol unten links im Bedienfeld.
  5. Hello, thank you very much for the advice. The problem seems to be solved with the 1.8 update.
  6. Hello, there is a cool solution for CMYK separation-preview: You go to Photo-Persona, then go to channels and select the appropriate channels. When you go back to the Publisher-Persona, the selection is kept.
  7. Hello, softproofing over a master page does not seem to work. Maybe I'm doing something wrong, but if I put the master page with the softproofing profile on the top level, it won't be accepted.
  8. Warning for output condition by Affinity Publisher "For preflight with PDFX-ready preflight profiles, a warning about the output condition for PDF/X files of Affinity Publisher V1.7.1 and V1.7.2 will be displayed with the message "!output condition not recommended for printing (unknown ICC profile)" is generated. The MD5 checks totals of the Affinity Publisher output conditions do not match the values of the Orignal ICC profiles. There is a risk that subsequent color servers or output systems will also use these hash values to determine whether the output condition matches the desired target profile. If they are not the same, a color conversion is triggered. Among other things, the black structure of the original changes." Source: https://pdf-aktuell.ch/pa/language/de/warnung-bei-ausgabebedingung-von-affinity-publisher/?highlight=affinity%20pdf Is this a known problem? For me, this error can be reproduced 100%. The fact that Publisher does not 100% passes the standard test for PDF/X compatibility after the Ghent PDF Output Suite 5.0 (source: https://pdf-aktuell.ch/pa/language/de/katastrophale-pdf-x-4-kompatibilitaet-von-neuem-affinity-publisher/?highlight=affinit) would not be so important to me, because otherwise the publisher will deliver good PDF results. But the output-conditions should be right.
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