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  1. Hello, folks. Can somebody explain me why it is not possible to create Export Presets anymore? I am working with a lot of different publishing houses and their printers and I need to create Custom Export Presets in the PDF Export containing the applicable ICC Profile. Now, the "Manage Presets" is greyed out. What am I doing wrong or is there something wrong? Thanks to all for any advise. Stay safe. Stay healthy. Holger
  2. Hello, Gabe. Thanks for the swift response. Sadly I can't find this particular directory. Not even in Terminal. Can you give a hint?
  3. Hello, dear folks. Just wanted to add some social media post formats to my Custom formats and every time I am clicking the "+"-Symbol, PUBLISHER just crashes. Dear regards – stay safe and healthy – from Buckinghamshire. Holger from Basics & Details Ltd.
  4. Dear folks. I wanted to create a folded flyer – a "6-on-2", meaning a folded flyer with 3 DIN A4 pages on each side. Now as a beginner I am trying to get my head around spreads and pages... Can I create a spread with three pages attached to each other? And if so – how? And: can I use differently sized pages? I am asking as the to-be-folded-inside page has to be 1-2mm shorter in width. I know: no comparisons to ID, but in ID the shuffling of pages was easy... So how does it work here? Dear regards and thanks in advance – Holger
  5. Hello, dear folks at SERIF. Hello, dear DTP and Artwork Compatriots. One of the slight niggles – besides the lack of GLOBAL LAYERS (VERY important) – I am missing the direct implementation of Monotype's FontExplorer Po. I KNOW it's an early beta, but it would be lovely to know if you guys already "speak" with Monotype to get a PlugIn sorted as FontExplorer is one of the most used FMS in the Designer World. Thanks and regards, Holger BASICS & DETAILS LTD
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