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  1. I can conform that copying data (comma separated or tab separated) does not work on the macOS version. I tried all hints that I could find in the forum (select several cells etc.) - no luck. I would expect this to be fixed for the release version, it is such a basic feature. How it works in QuarkXPress: copy anything from the clipboard that looks like structured data (lines of comma/tab separated text fields) anywhere on the page and Quark will create a generic table with no styling, just thin table/cell borders and text in a default font - and that's perfectly fine.
  2. When I export an artboard (icon) of size 256x256px via 'Export' to PNG, I type 128px (plus TAB/Enter) in the width field and expect the height field to update to 128px keeping the aspect ration - with the lock selected. But I get some random value (like 144px) maybe depending on the icon shape. I have to release the lock and manually type 128px x 128px. Is this a known bug? BTW I recently made the move to completely de-adoberize my computer - removing all license-, update-, application- and cloud manager crap running in the background. Since I switched to Affinity Designer/Photo I feel much safer having left the Adobe bot network. Can't wait to integrate Publisher. Thanks and Regards, Peter