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  1. I can see how my comment can be understood in that way. My apologies, I never meant to imply that you shouldn't express your opinion. Just that you seemed to be the odd one out, although the other comment already pointed out that you're not the only one with that opinion, so I stand corrected on that part too.
  2. No offense but this entire thread is about begging to Serif to 'do it like Photoshop'. You seem to be the only one having an issue with the way Photoshop handles it.
  3. omg.. I never even noticed that option.. I never imagined it would be this. But why is there a difference? 50% gray is 50% gray. if the scale is -100 to +100 or -500 to +500, the middle is still zero. What's happening?
  4. Have you reported it as a bug? It won't be fixed if they're not aware that it's an issue.
  5. I envy you for being unaware of the amount of garbage some computer stores still sell as "new". 🙂 A "new" machine with 3GB ram and a 32 Bit OS to have 'some' performance is still being sold in places.. So I wouldn't expect it either, but I also wouldn't rule it out. You do make a very strong point about the installer probably giving an error message about it. I didn't think of that.
  6. Only reason I can think of without a decent error message is that you're running windows 10 32Bit instead of 64Bit.
  7. Hi, so I ran into something I didn't expect. Ever since I discovered that you can adjust luminosity without changing the color in LAB mode, I've been in love with it. Today though I ran into a weird thing. For small Dodging and Burning changes I like to make a 50% gray layer, set blending mode to overlay or soft light and then D&B on that layer. Works like a charm, in RGB. However, in LAB mode the 50% gray layer in overlay or soft light visibly increases the luminosity of the entire picture. Why is that? I know I can use 2 curves layers for D&B but that's not the point here. I'm trying to understand why this works differently in LAB than in RGB. Does anyone here know why this happens?
  8. *sigh*.. i could have thought of that myself.. why didn't I think of that myself? I don't know.. that would suit me. thank you. I've just been watching some tutorials, if I really need two sharp matching edges I can start with your solution, divide them and then add the pieces that should be 1 color together again to make them a single curve.
  9. Yeah I was afraid my explanation would be flaky.. Let's say I want this. And now I want to fill it. And I end up with this. The way I see it, I need to draw that edge where they meet for both curves.. I can't just 'attach' to it so the left part is a whole as well.
  10. The opening-post is from May 2017... So I wouldn't hold my breath if I were you.
  11. This may be one hell of a beginner question but I can't find any information about this.. I hope I can explain my issue well enough. If I have 2 curves. like some funky squares that touch with an edge. and they need to be separate colors so i can't combine them. Can I use just 1 edge between them? I am now drawing all my touching edges double and they never match because once you zoom in far enough it's never perfect. It seems really redundant to draw those touching edges twice all the time. Maybe that's just how it should work, I don't know. I'm just beginning , going full n00b..
  12. Sadly it still won't show an overlay for the existing mask. It's been almost 3 year now since this question was asked
  13. You're the first one to mention it If course it helps that I added the source photo. Nice wings you found there! I may give it a try with those. I'm definitely gonna save them for later. Thanks!
  14. The sunglasses were a PITA to be honest... I'm no pro. It's just a hobby. The eyes were fun though ☺️
  15. you know, I never even noticed that. Must be shining through from the background in the original picture.. I'll take a look at it. Thanks for pointing it out.
  16. The original photo from the woman is from Timothy Krause. Added some public domain sky and a swan, and mixed it together
  17. Really? What kind of bugs? I had more issues with the latest 1.7 to be honest than with 1.8.0 but I may just not use the buggy features.
  18. So I watched the video on importing smart object from a PSD (https://t.co/6tbKeoSmn1?amp=1) and I really loved how you could edit a placed image. So I tried creating something like it from scratch in AP. Placing the image wasn't the issue but in the YouTube video you can see that the perspective of the embedded image is different. How would I do that in AP? I tried the perspective button but that converts it to a pixel layer so that's not what I want. How would I recreate this functionality? Is this even possible in AP?
  19. Wow, you're not kidding. the 45 and 90 degree angles are fine but 15 and 30 are horrible
  20. it just needs to be easier. The Photoshop way is just perfect, hold R button and just drag with whatever you're working with, mouse or pen to rotate the view. If you're trying to fix some hair you need to rotate a lot while drawing. It's one of those features that once you start using it, you can't live without it.
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