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  1. Thanks for looking into this so quickly Jon. That subtle hack works great until there's a proper fix.
  2. Hi Jon, I was able to reproduce this several times with the same file but haven't had time to test it out too extensively. It seems to only happen when exporting PDF (for print). I tried (for export) and (for web) and everything works fine. I didn't play around with the "More" setting for PDF because I didn't have time so it could be something in there. Here's link to the Designer file and a PDF that was exported: https://www.dropbox.com/s/yn60xm6p3r71zv1/Affinity%20-%20PDF%20image%20export.zip?dl=0 The Designer file has the original group of layers on the bottom and a rasterized version of that group. It's the rasterized version that doesn't export as you'll see in the PDF. Hope this helps.
  3. When exporting to PDF (for print) from Designer I've experienced missing pixel layers. I haven't tested out different variables but here are some of the details with the 2 files it's happened to me on. multiple artboards the pixel layer was rasterized from a group when I re-open the pdf in Designer I can see the layer that's missing but it's blank (just shows the bounding box) It's quite frustrating because I'm not sure what the initial cause is so I have to copy/paste images into different files then re-export and check to see if it's working. Let me know if I can provide any further info to help.
  4. When you create a new document and check the "Create artboard" and "Include Margins" the margins don't actually register. You have to go back into Document Setup to set them again. If you don't check "Create artboard" then the margins appear as expected.
  5. Thanks A_B_C, I realized that after I posted the question. It's not very intuitive and a pain if you have a lot of handles to adjust but definitely good to know as a workaround until there is proper implementation.
  6. Thanks for the quick reply. I think this is something that could be implemented with a modifier key (option or command).
  7. Maybe I'm missing something but is there a way to drag a handle on a bezier curve and have the corresponding handle mirror it?
  8. Hi Chris, Thanks for the reply and trying to replicate the issue. Unfortunately that's not quite it. I quickly tried replicating the issue myself with a new document but couldn't get the same result and don't have time right now to keep trying. So instead I've uploaded the file I was having the issue with and just stripped everything else out of it other than a text layer on its own and 3 text layers in a group. When you select the lone text layer and one from within the group and then group them the layer shifts off the artboard – at least on my end it does. Let me know if the same happens for you. Here's the link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/gzdk5qc2t99gg0b/Affinity%20-%20group%20from%20group.afdesign?dl=0 Hopefully this helps to solve the issue. Cheers!
  9. Thanks for the detailed clarification Chris. I had all the requirements you listed other than PDF X as I was using the PDF (for print) option instead. One other thing that I did notice though is that if I save a global colour from an object and then set it to overlay the current object that is selected then has to be assigned that colour (i.e. it doesn't change the colour of the currently selected global swatch until I click on the swatch).
  10. I have various layers (mostly text) inside groups and I want to pull them out and group them together so I can flatten everything else. After selecting them if I simply group them the items are scattered everywhere, including off the artboard. Instead I have to cut then paste everything. It's not a huge deal for me to do this but seems to be a bug.
  11. When I create a global color and set it to overprint and then export as a PDF it doesn't actually overprint. What does the overprint option actually do? Also, during PDF export the option to "overprint black" doesn't seem to do anything either. Maybe I'm missing something.
  12. I've been hoping for this as well and thought I might be able to set it in the keyboard shortcuts preferences but couldn't find it.
  13. When an element is rasterized any content outside of the boundaries of the combined artboards is removed. I'm guessing this is to reduce file size by eliminating content that isn't in view. The problem is that when you have set bleed on the artboards for printing and then rasterize an element it actually crops the portion that is meant to be part of the bleed. This may sound confusing but is illustrated in the attached jpg. It would be ideal to either have the option to crop content outside the artboards' boundaries or to take the document's bleed into consideration if it auto crops.
  14. When I select some text and choose a color swatch I can't use the escape key to deselect the text. I have to click outside the text which then starts a new text item which I then have to escape from.
  15. I have my Spotlight search set with a different keyboard combination (option + spacebar) so I would think that ⌘+spacebar should work no matter which order they are press. Just a thought.
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