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  1. I was experiencing slow update to the images and all that as well and it helped to reset a few things within affinity by holding down Ctrl when starting the program, a popup window shows up and you get a lot of options, there is a thread with information about all the options in that menu here: have you tried this? What are your computer specs? Have you enabled hardware acceleration? Maybe it is messing with you after 1.9? Just food for thought here.. To be clear this is what I tried at first to get rid of the laggy curve but it seems to be a seperate issue, but my other issues got
  2. I just tried this and it seems like it did make it better, but sometimes it still snaps like that it seemed like its smoother in a way when changing the curve a bit faster, but when I went slower with the handle moving around more precisely it was still very exagerated tried both on new canvas and the same project as above very odd, maybe it has to do with AMD? it just isnt as "compatible" with these lovely programs
  3. update, i tried eanbeling hardaware acceleration and it def makes a huuge diffrence in performance, but it still is freezing in place, and as you can see i stay in the same position, but its just.. stuck there, til i move out of the "deadzone" this time with a real project! 2021-02-28 21-04-13.mp4
  4. Hello! I have experienced some wierd laggy behaviour with the curve tool lately, both in 1.9.0 and 1.9.1 and maybe even versions before that too.. Whenever I move a node close to the middle as shown below it snaps to a random location near the center and dont update its position (even if I hold it still for quite some time.. so its not lagging because of performance?) when I move the mouse while it has got stuck you can see it jump to a diffrent location and become responsive again.. It's hard to see on this video but I can move the mouse freely in kind of a "deadzone" .. this is a newly
  5. I do have AMD RX 5000 series graphics card, sucks to be me 😪 I hope AMD will fix it in thier drivers updates! 😃 because I do love hardware acceleration! makes life a tidy bit smoother 😉
  6. Thanks for pointing it out! but first of its destructive, would have to make a merge of all layers and use that, but then if im unhappy with it I cant tweak it without having to redo it.. And tbh, that yellow is hard to spot, but maybe there is a setting to change the clipping tone color? Anyhow I still thin it would be a neat thing to see clipping in the curve adjustment in photo persona, If you can come up with another workaround with the curve tool that would be much apprichiated 😎
  7. Hi! I wan't to suggest a feature for the Curves adjustment tool. Long story short I've started to shoot color film photography and use affinity to convert the negative film into positive ones for then further process, but in the guide i'm following for converting negatives, the guy uses Photoshop. you drag the diffrent RGB channels before they start clipping, but in affinity its hard to know/see when it starts clipping.. you can eyeball it but you wont get the best results. I plan on doing this process with my film for finer control over the negative converstion alot.. So this little
  8. +1 for DDS support! would love too use Affinity to make skins for games!
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