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  1. @Murfee, do you have a link for me? I can't find the beta for download...
  2. @Serif, please provide a hot-fix release... otherwise I can't send the PDF to the printer and I loose the job!
  3. Not possible because version 1.7.3 quits with "The file contains features of a later version of Affinity."
  4. Could Serif provide a hotfix release, please? I've finished an art catalog containing more than 200 pics... I can't re-fit all those pics :^(
  5. publisher version: 1.8.2 - document created with facing pages enabled - pictures embedded - exported PDF/X-4 shows pictures - disabeling facing pages option - structure of master pages lost - only somw/few pictures shown others are 'swallowed' but still listed in the resource manageras embedded (can navigate to prictures but still not shown) - exported PDF/X-4 does NOT show pictures
  6. Hi, I hoped that Affinit Photo will support short cuts for the NIK Collection in version 1.8.0 - unfortunately it doesn't. Could Affinity developers add the short cut support for NIK Colltion plugins in version 1.8.1, please?! ty, Oliver
  7. Hi, I got NIK Collection working 😀 But for my surpise not all NIK plugins are `knwon`by Affinity Photo (only two - Silver FX Pro isn't). I've to allow `Unknown Plugins` in order to get Silver FX working - I hope this will be fixed in one of the minor release versions. ty
  8. NIK Collection 2.5 should be recognised by Affinity Photo 1.8.0 - unfortunately it doesn't. As the MAC users reported that this isuue is fixed in version 1.8.1 I'm wondering why no Windows 1.8.1 version is provided?
  9. I'm using Windows 10 and installed the new version (1.8.0) - now I've two entries in the menu of 'Datei' (file): - 'Neuer Stapel' (new batch) -> dialog doesn't offer *.aphoto in the drop-down box - 'Neue Stapelverarbeitung' (new batch processing) -> different dialog that allows to convert *.aphoto to JPEG I don't know if the second dialog is new in version 1.8.0 - anyway it seams to work. tx
  10. I tried to load *.afphoto files for a batch job (batch export as JPEG) - but the filter in the dialog excludest *.afphoto files! Oliver
  11. The NIK collection is working on my Win 10 System (incl. Dfine) It's inconvenient to click through the menu and sub-menus in order to invoke one of the NIK plugins. It would be nice if the next minor release of Affinity Phot could support shortcuts for NIK collection.
  12. Hello, how can I set shortcuts for DXO NIK collection plugins (2.3.0) in Affinity Photo (Windows version)? The preferences sub menu (Photo/Filters) doesn't display the NIK plugins ty, Oliver
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