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  1. Fair enough, although this is a standard for software companies to use some kind of a platform (there are many), where people can contribute on a crowd basis, to translations being moderated by one or two dedicated users. This first of all reduces cost for translations and second, increases sales due to better localization.
  2. I see many people would indeed be interested in a Czech translation. I have also spoken to some friends and seen some reviews of your software in the CZ. Many people do not speak English and this is for many an obstacle. Given the fact I have localized many SW including CCleaner or the Czech version of FB, I am more than happy to help you with this if interested. Translations are my hobby. Feel free to ask if you think this could be interesting for you. It would definitely increase sales, by how much is hard to tell, but it would. Also, because Slovak is very similar, having a Czech versi
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