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  1. Thanks for testing that Hangman. Very much appreciated. I've deleted and re-added the canon printer probably like 3 times in my various tests. I thought maybe it was a damaged font but I've tested around a dozen different ones. If you can't reproduce it with the actual files I've uploaded here, then I agree it's less likely a Publisher bug. I suspect at this point it's a quirk of this printer and/or it's driver, since I've duplicated this issue on two different computers here, with the printer it's driver the only thing in common. I think I should find an older printer from my dust bin test on that. Again, thanks much.
  2. Sure. This is an option for proofs. But I'm curious what you mean by compliant to professional printing standards. How would an apple save to PDF not be?
  3. I can see that info if I click each item one at a time. I'd love to have it in the list. I often look for jpegs etc. in supplied files I want to replace with vector art for example. Or find non grey items in a grey colour space document. Thanks for your consideration.
  4. The print to postscript suggestion was so you get a file you can edit. I.E. move things around, delete some type, whatnot.
  5. On a Mac, you can save from the Preview app to PostScript in the same place (lower left) of the print dialog where you save to PDF. You can then open that and have all the type converted to curves/outlines.
  6. On a mac, something I do is open the pdf in the Preview app and then hit print. If you select the PDF popup in the bottom left, you will see a Save as PostScript option. Saving the print to PostScript essentially converts the type to curves and opening that in the affinity apps gets you the outlines for all the text. I can merge the two manually if I want to edit the file using the outlines for items I don't have the font for.
  7. I was able to test with the latest adobe reader on the Mojave system I tested earlier and it did print successfully. So that's good. This may be an issue specific to the Preview app. I will test more files.
  8. Thanks for your suggestions. I have a work around. I can use the Apple save to pdf option. I can't really control what a client uses to view it. But I will check what reader does on as many platforms as I can, since that's good to know too. My primary intent here in the forum is to report this as a bug that should still be fixed. Thanks again.
  9. No, I don't own those. But I imagine my printshop does, so it's good to know at least that test worked on acrobat. I found out about this issue sending proofs to clients. I tend to send PDFs for those.
  10. Hi all, I've hit an issue at the worst time (always, right!) with exporting PDFs for print. In short, text that uses Type 1 fonts are not printing from a PDF made with Publisher export to PDF. They display correctly on screen. It's only when I print that PDF the font issue shows. I export to PDF for print (doubled checked embed fonts is selected), open that PDF with Preview, see it display correctly on screen, and print to my Canon MF4880dw. When it prints, I see boxes instead of characters. I am able to reproduce it easily by creating a brand new document. The examples I've attached were created using Publisher 1.7.3 on Mac OS El Capitan. The original file prints from Affinity Publisher with the type 1 font correctly. The PDF created from Export to PDF displays correctly in Preview but prints with boxes substituting the type 1 font characters. A PDF created using the Print dialog and choosing Apple's save to PDF displays correctly in Preview and prints correctly using the type 1 font. Further, for the PDF that won't print correctly, I can export from Preview to a PNG and that PNG is rendered properly. It's only in the printing that the type 1 font does not send to the printer properly. I've also done the same procedure on Mac OS Mojave, but in that case the file won't print at all. It sends to the printer, but hangs on "Printing" in the printer queue. Eventually the printer times out. The original file from publisher prints fine there, as does the PDF made with Apple's save to print option in the publisher print dialog. I hope that's clear! If anyone wishes to confirm the export from publisher won't print correctly on their system, I'd welcome that feedback. Note that it may hang up your printer for a while, so don't test if you have a deadline. :) I am curious if it could be a quirk of the Canon printer I'm using. I would doubt that, but hey, who knows? font testing univers.afpub font testing univers apple print to pdf.pdf font testing univers export from publisher.pdf
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