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  1. Thanks Alfred re: PDF import with missing fonts render as graphics "The Affinity apps don’t do this yet" - is it your understanding this feature will be added in the future? thank you
  2. Hi Are layers in Affinity Publisher comparable to layers in PagePlus X9 ? In Affinity Publisher, I find myself fighting with layers, whereas in PagePlus it seemed very intuitive. Can you enable / disable layer printing in Affinity Publisher? (as you could in PagePlus X9) Simple new document. 3 rectangles. create new layer. Drag a rectangle into the layer. Affinity Publisher had a tendency to hang at this point. Had to crash it. Did this 4 times in a row. Then same operation worked, and rectangle moved into the layer, but appeared invisible on the main document. had the tick to show visibility. The icon had the correct colour and there was an outline. I could drag it out of the layer and visibility returned. This behaviour is SO different from PPX9 which might be intentional and I might be missing all sorts of clever stuff. But hugely frustrating when it all seems so counter-intuitive. [ rant over ! ] Thanks in advance for any pointers Pete
  3. Hi PDF import mostly works well (for me) if I have all the fonts. However if missing any of the fonts that are in the PDF, it offers a substation font. In PagePlus X9, there was an option to Graphic render text as curves which worked a treat when the font was missing. I can't see this option in Affinity Publisher - Have I missed it or is it a feature that is coming soon? thanks Pete
  4. Hi Win 10: Publisher PDF import seems to work fine except for a small square box in some of the text. This appears to be with Verdana font where lowercase 'f' is followed by lowercase 'i' ….. eg field, fight, identified The fi is using Verdana character code (hexadecimal) FB01 which is a single character combining the fi as a single character. The PDF import fails on this character and just displays a small square box. There might be a simple workaround, but I couldn't see anything. thanks
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