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  1. Sorry to not get back to this for so many weeks. As it turns out, my HD was indeed failing. Replacing it with a new 2TB SSD works oh-so-much better!
  2. None of the Affinity (1.7.3) apps will open. I downloaded new .dmg files of each and deleted the existing apps. Copied all three into my Application folder. Following is a basic timeline when trying to open each: :00 click icon :02 minutes–Verify window opens and progress bar immediately jumps to 2/3 and stays there for next 30+ minutes :34 minutes–Verify progress bar drops to 0 and starts moving up :37 minutes–Verify progress bar gets to 2/3 again and "Are you sure you want top open…? pops up (click yes) :39 minutes–Verify bar gets to 100% and it closes, icon in dock is still not active (i.e., no "tick" to indicate the app is open) :40 minutes–Quits or crashes, icon in dock disappears, there is no dialog box saying the app has crashed On trying to relaunch each app, it will bounce for about 2 minutes before I get the Not Responding message in the Force Quit Applications window. Then it quits by itself. This is all very strange to me as I've not seen anything like it and have no idea how to troubleshoot this situation. Do I need to delete preferences from someplace or otherwise do a more thorough uninstall? And I've no idea if it's related, but I'm also having a lot of trouble with Creative Cloud apps not opening, too. I'd appreciate any thoughts on what might be going on here and what I can do next to get back to work. Thanks! Mark
  3. Resetting the app caused the Text Styles panel to show elements I had not seen before; that is, all the default style already in place. I can now apply those styles, change them, and update both paragraph and character styles. However, when I choose to create a new paragraph, character, or group style the application will crash each time upon clicking OK. This is true whether I am trying to create a new style from scratch or have selected text within a frame with the hope of creating a new style based on that text's characteristics (I assume this is otherwise possible). Please let me know if there's anything else I can do to fix this. Thanks! Mark
  4. I have been unable to do anything in the Text Styles panel. It will crash before I complete creating a paragraph style or when I click ok. Has anyone else had this problem? Mark (MacOS 10.13.6)
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