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  1. Still relevant. I have a couple different job applications where I switch the cover letters. They look all the same in page preview. So I put giant letters on them to distinguish them. Which best would automatically disappear on export. Excluding whole pages from export would be equally awesome.
  2. Just noticed Designer also freezes after a couple minutes every time. It worked fine last time I tried it, couple days ago... Designer iPad-2019-10-07-210055.ips
  3. Here you go. that zoom in also seems to often evoke the crash. But at this point I’m not really sure what actually causes a crash. It feels like the 3GB RAM issue that was supposedly solved... EDIT: The video The file
  4. Hi, new here, just registered to report this same problem. It might be different, but OP doesn’t respond anymore anyway, so I’m taking over with my details: iPad Air 3, iPadOS, all other apps closed When editing RAW in the development persona, it takes a while and crashes at some point. Just closes and all edits are gone. It happened with 2 different files from Canon EOS 1300D. One takes a bit longer though until it crashes. Crashed reliably 5 times, I guess there’s a bug. Swap before / after seems to toggle the crash earlier (no confirming test series though)
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